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Senior Sophister (SS) - fourth year

In the fourth and final year, students take one subject in which they major, taking all 60 ECTS credits in that subject. The Senior Sophister programme facilities a degree of specialization unavailable in earlier years. The special subject module is designed to develop a more advanced level of understanding and interpretation, and to provide more advance experience of presenting and of researching.

History of Art and Architecture majors take one Special Subject (20 ECTS) chosen from the range of four or five on offer each year, as well as two further Options (10 ECTS each) modules from those on offer and. In addition, students research and write a dissertation of c.10,000 words (20 ECTS).

Special Subject Modules

The Special Subject is available only to Senior Sophisters. It is designed to explore art-historical issues at a more specialized level than other modules. Where possible, students are given the opportunity of studying primary sources for themselves and particular emphasis is placed on personal observation of original works of art or architecture. Each special subject module is taught as a 2-hour weekly seminar. Students are required to undertake a substantial amount of preparatory reading for each seminar and they will be required to make verbal presentations on a regular basis supported by a digitally projected presentation which they have prepared with images and other material as required. In the event of oversubscription to a particular special subject, places may be allocated by lottery.

Note that as Special Subject modules are developed around specialist interests of staff, normally when a staff member is on sabbatical their Special Subject will be unavailable for that year.


Students select two options from the courses on offer. Senior Sophister students must ensure when making their choices that by the time they have completed their SS year they have taken one course from at least five of the seven optional groups on the module list, including one from Group C and one from either Group A or Group B. It is important to note that this may curtail the options available to students who have gone off books for a year or repeated their SF or JS year. Students are not allowed to repeat a module studied in a previous year.

Group 2017-18 2018-19
A HA4324: Antiquity and Innovation in Early Medieval Art HA4325: Insular Art
B HA4322: Art in the Age of Chivalry, c.1150-1350 (not available in 2017/18) HA4323: To the Glory of God: the art and architecture of the medieval church c.1100-1220
C HA2349: Architecture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries HA4320: City, Court, Campagna: the Foundation of Early Modern Architecture in Europe
D HA2347: Painting and Sculpture in the Italian Renaissance HA2342: Painting and Sculpture in 17th-century Europe
E HA234A: Art in France 1850-1900 HA 4327: The Age of Rembrandt and Vermeer
F HA4328: Post-Modern and Contemporary Art HAXXXX: A Modernism Course (TBC - Hilary Semester)


Late Essay Policy

Deadlines must be met. Extensions will be granted by the Head of Department ONLY on medical or ad misericordiam grounds only.
Extensions on medical grounds must be supported by a doctor's certificate.
An extension must be sought at least 24 hours before the deadline, even if only by e-mail. Late essays will automatically be marked as 0%, UNLESS accompanied by an authorised extension sheet (.doc, 37kb).

Last updated 30 January 2018