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HA2349 Architecture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries

Architecture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries

Module Organiser: Dr Christine Casey
Duration of the Module: Michaelmas and Hilary term
Contact Hours: 1 lectures pw, and 1 seminar per fortnight
Weighting: 10 ECTS

This module offers an overview of architecture in the modern period and examines the theoretical principles of modernism and post-modernism. Traditionally this period is represented as a radical departure from the past. Students will be encouraged to analyse this assessment and to consider continuities in the design and making of buildings. Emphasis will also be placed on typology and materials and site visits to Dublin buildings will form an integral part of the module.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

  • analyze the range and complexity of nineteenth-century eclecticism and distinguish characteristics of the dominant historicist styles.
  • identify and describe the new structural techniques employed in nineteenth and twentieth-century architecture
  • read architectural drawings of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and explain the transformation in representational techniques which characterises the period
  • articulate the key concepts expressed in the architectural manifestoes of the period
  • analyse the varying approaches to spatial order, light and ornament evident in the architecture of the period
  • recognise the principal authorities in the field and explain the concepts which underpin the historiography of nineteenth- and twentieth-century architecture

Last updated 30 September 2013