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Studying Genetics at Trinity College Dublin

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Undergraduate students can study Genetics through two B.A. (mod.) degree courses in Trinity College Dublin:

B.A. (Mod.) degree in Genetics: Entry via CAO course code TR071. Students taking the B.A. (Mod.) in Genetics degree apply initially for TCD Science (TR071) on the CAO form. Science students may then choose to specialise in Genetics at the beginning of the Junior Sophister (3rd) year, or may choose other specialised science areas.

B.A. (Mod.) degree in Human Genetics: Entry via CAO course code TR073. The B.A. (Mod.) in Human Genetics course differs from the B.A. (Mod.) in Genetics in the obligation to study a particular combination of courses in the four year programme, and the concentration on human genetics. Students taking the B.A. (Mod.) in Genetics course have more course choice options in the Junior and Senior Freshman (1st and 2nd) years. Students taking the B.A. (Mod.) in Human Genetics course apply specifically to the course TR073 Human Genetics on the CAO form.

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Information for current undergraduates Junior Sophister course weights and exam structure (PDF document) (2008-onwards)

Ireland's EU Structural Funds Programmes 2007-2013 European Commission Department of Education and Science HEA

The B.A. (Mod.) degree in Human Genetics is co-funded by the Irish Government and the European Union under the European Social Fund.

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