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James Hanrahan
Assistant Professor, French

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Diderot on Origins, a zone d'ombre of Enlightenment Thought in, editor(s)James Hanrahan and Síofra Pierse , The Dark Side of Diderot, Oxford and Bern, Peter Lang, 2016, pp147 - 167, [James Hanrahan ] Book Chapter, 2016

James Hanrahan and Síofra Pierse, The Dark Side of Diderot / Le Diderot des ombres, Bern, Peter Lang, 2016, i-ix; 1-260pp Book, 2016

James Hanrahan , Voltaire et le voyage "philosophique" de l'Amiral Anson, Revue Voltaire, 15, 2015, p105 - 119 Journal Article, 2015

Le Cri des nations, James Hanrahan and Andrew Hunwick, Complete Works of Voltaire,Writings of 1769 (IIA), David Adams, Simon Davies, et al[ed/s], (Complete Works of Voltaire), Oxford:, Voltaire Foundation, 2015, 247 - 279 Critical Edition (Chapter), 2015

Voltaire and the tithes of Ferney, James Hanrahan , Complete Works of Voltaire, writings of 1763-1764, Simon Davies, James Hanrahan et al.[ed/s], (Complete Works of Voltaire), Oxford:, Voltaire Foundation, 2014, 197 - 241 Critical Edition (Chapter), 2014

Writings on the pays de Gex salt indemnity in, editor(s)James Hanrahan , Oeuvres complètes de Voltaire, Oeuvres de 1775-1776, Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2014, pp231 - 271, [Voltaire] Book Chapter, 2014

The removal of the pays de Gex from the Cinq grosses fermes (1760-1775), James Hanrahan , Oeuvres complètes de Voltaire, Oeuvres de 1775, Oxford:, Voltaire Foundation, 2014, 1 - 37 Critical Edition (Chapter), 2014

Privilèges, Christiane Mervaud et al., uvres complètes de Voltaire, Questions sur l'Encyclopédie, par des amateurs (VIII), 43, Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2013, pp20 - 30, [James Hanrahan ] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2013

Texts on the Decroze case and the parish church at Ferney in, editor(s)David Williams et al , Complete Works of Voltaire, Writings of 1760-1762 (II), Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2013, pp369 - 426, [James Hanrahan] Book Chapter, 2013

Voltaire's texts on the Hume-Rousseau affair in, editor(s)James Hanrahan, Graham Gargett et al. , uvres complètes de Voltaire, Writings of 1766 (I), Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2013, [James Hanrahan ] Book Chapter, 2013

James Hanrahan, Oeuvres complètes de Voltaire, vol.25, Essai sur les moeurs, ch.103-162, 2013, - pp41-72 and pp369-380 Miscellaneous, 2013

Au roi en son conseil; Petit écrit sur l'arrêt du conseil du 13 septembre 1774, Nicholas Cronk, uvres complètes de Voltaire/Complete Works of Voltaire, 76, Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2013, pp403 - 437, [James Hanrahan] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2013

uvres complètes de Voltaire 42B, Nicholas Cronk, Christiane Mervaud, Questions sur l'Encyclopédie, par des amateurs, 42B, Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2012, [James Hanrahan ] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2012

James Hanrahan, Oeuvres complètes de Voltaire, vol.24, Essai sur les moeurs, ch.68-102, 2011, - pp.493-536 Miscellaneous, 2011

Irish Journal of French Studies, Special Issue: Intellectuals and Public Opinion: A Transhistorical Perspective, (2011), 131pp, James Hanrahan and Mairéad Ní Bhriain, [eds] Journal, 2011 URL

Voltaire's texts for the pays de Gex in, editor(s)Voltaire Foundation , Oeuvres complètes de Voltaire, Oeuvres de 1767-1768, Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2011, pp1 - 37, [James Hanrahan] Book Chapter, 2011

Nicholas Cronk and Christiane Mervaud, 'A Significant Enlightenment Text Fallen between the Cracks of Editorial History', Eighteenth-Century Studies, 45, (1), 2011, p157 - 160 Review Article, 2011

Voltaire et le coup Maupeou in, editor(s)John Renwick , Voltaire, la tolérance et la justice , Louvain, Peeters, 2011, pp273 - 289, [James Hanrahan] Book Chapter, 2011

James Hanrahan and Mairéad Ní Bhriain, Intellectuals and Public Opinion: An Evolving Dynamic, Irish Journal of French Studies, 10, 2011, p1 - 18 Journal Article, 2011 DOI URL

James Hanrahan, Un texte inédit de Voltaire: le Nouveau mémoire du sieur Decroze, Revue Voltaire, 10, (10), 2010, p269 - 282 Journal Article, 2010

James Hanrahan, The Cambridge Companion to Voltaire, Nicholas Cronk (ed), Review, 9, (154), 2009, p666 - 669 Review Article, 2009 URL

Literary crimes and innovation against punishment: Voltaire and the censorship authorities before 1750 in, editor(s)Louise Hardwick , New Approaches to Crime in French Literature, Thought and Culture , Bern, Peter Lang, 2009, pp137 - 150, [James Hanrahan] Book Chapter, 2009

James Hanrahan, Voltaire and the Parlements of France, Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2009 Book, 2009

Creating the 'cri public': Voltaire and public opinion in the early 1760s in, editor(s)Nicholas Cronk , Les années 1760-1770: une grande décennie voltairienne. Mélanges offerts à John Renwick, Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2008, pp145 - 158, [James Hanrahan] Book Chapter, 2008

Appealing and appearing to 'reason': Voltaire's political pamphlets of 1771 and public opinion in, editor(s)Ursula Haskins Gonthier , Opinion, nature, culture, Oxford, Voltaire Foundation, 2007, pp31 - 40, [James Hanrahan] Book Chapter, 2007

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

James Hanrahan , Modern and Contemporary History in Voltaire's Précis du siècle de Louis XV, Besterman Enlightenment Workshop 2016, Besterman Centre for the Enlightenment, University of Oxford, 29 February , 2016, Besterman Centre for the Enlightenment Invited Talk, 2016

James Hanrahan and Sylvie Lannegrand, ADEFFI Annual Conference 2014, 17-19 October 2014, In:Origins/Origines, 2014, Trinity Long Room Hub Meetings /Conferences Organised, 2014

James Hanrahan, Voltaire et les parlements, Revue Voltaire, 2008, - 443-47 Miscellaneous, 2008

James Hanrahan, Précis du siècle de Louis XV: histoire ou patchwork historique?, Le Siècle de Louis XIV, ou, Voltaire historien de la modernité, Grande Ecurie du château de Versailles, 4 December 2015, Centre de recherche du château de Versailles Invited Talk,

James Hanrahan , Conference: Du bon usage de Rousseau, 13 September 2012, Trinity Long Room Hub Meetings /Conferences Organised,

Phil Dine, James Hanrahan, Mairéad Ní Bhriain, Conference: Intellectuals and Public Opinion from Voltaire to Sartre, 4-5 September, 2009, NUI Galway Meetings /Conferences Organised, URL

Nicholas Cronk and James Hanrahan, Voltaire historian of modernity, 19-20 November 2014, In:Voltaire historian of modernity, Maison francaise d'Oxford and Voltaire Foundation, University of Oxford Meetings /Conferences Organised,

James Hanrahan and Síofra Pierse, Conference: The Dark Side of Diderot, 7 June 2013, UCD Newman House Meetings /Conferences Organised, URL

TCD SHARP Conference Committee, SHARP Annual Conference 2012, 26-29 June 2012, In:The Battle for Books, Trinity College Dublin Meetings /Conferences Organised, URL URL

Research Expertise


My research focuses on the literature, history, politics and culture of Enlightenment France. My doctoral research focussed on Voltaire and his relationship with the supreme courts of ancien régime France. I contribute as an external editor to the Complete Works of Voltaire, published by the Voltaire Foundation, Oxford. As well as having written critical introductions to Voltaire's pamphlets on the pays de Gex, I am part of a team of academics annotating the definitive editions of the Essai sur les m urs. I am also interested in and have published on the concept of public opinion and its impact on politics and society, from the eighteenth century up to the present. My current research is focussed on a critical edition of Voltaire's Précis du siècle de Louis XV and, in parallel, on the concept of origins in Enlightenment thought.


  • Title
    • Voltaire historian: Constructing contemporary history in the Enlightenment
  • Summary
    • Principal Investigator: Professor Nicholas Cronk (Voltaire Foundation, University of Oxford) The aim of this project is to come to a better understanding of Voltaire's overall philosophical project, by focusing on a neglected aspect of his work: his determination to write "modern" history. Much of his historical writing, especially in the earlier years, is devoted to the modern world. Voltaire first explores the defining characteristics of the modern world (the benefits of trade, the scientific revolution, religious toleration) in a book about England (Lettres philosophiques), before studying the flourishing culture of France during the previous century (Le Siècle de Louis XIV). He then extends this exploration, forwards into modern France (Précis du Siècle de Louis XV), and outwards into the recent history of the whole world (Essai sur les moeurs). My role is as co-editor (with Janet Godden, Voltaire Foundation) of a critical edition of the Précis du Siècle de Louis XV, which will be part of the Complete Works of Voltaire.
  • Funding Agency
    • Leverhulme Trust
  • Date From
    • 1/01/2013
  • Date To
    • 31/12/2015


Awards and Honours

IRCHSS CARA 3-year Post-doctoral Fellowship (declined) June, 2010

Voltaire Foundation Visiting Scholar, Linacre College, University of Oxford Jan-Feb, 2008

Leverhulme Trust PhD Studentship, University of Edinburgh 2003-06

Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, Honorary Fellowship (declined) 2007-08


Vice-President of ADEFFI (Association des études françaises et francophones d'Irlande): 2016

'Membre ordinaire' of the committee of ADEFFI (Association des études françaises et francophones d'Irlande): 2009 – 2011

Secretary of ADEFFI (Association des études françaises et francophones d'Irlande): 2012 – 2015