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David Ditchburn
Associate Prof in Medieval History, History

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Towns and Trade in, editor(s)Keith J Stringer and Angus J L Winchester , Northern England and Southern Scotland in the Central Middle Ages, Woodbridge, Boydell, 2017, pp299 - 326, [David Ditchburn] Book Chapter, 2017

Salmon, salt and the internationalization ofAberdeen's economy in the later middle ages in, editor(s)Jesus Angel Solorzano Telechea, Beatriz Arizaga Bolumburu, Michel Bochaca , Las Socieddades portuarias de la Europe atlantica en la edad media, Logrono, 2017, pp49 - 66, [David Ditchburn] Book Chapter, 2017

Religion, rirual and the rythm of the year in later medieval St Andrews in, editor(s)Michael Brown and Katie Stevenson , Medieval St Andrews: Church, Cult, City, Woodbridge, Boydell, 2017, pp99 - 116, [David Ditchburn] Book Chapter, 2017

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Locating Aberdeen and Elgin in the Later Middle Ages: Regional, National and International Paradigms in, editor(s)Jane Geddes , Medieval Art, Architecture and Archaeology in the Dioceses of Aberdeen and Moray, Abingdon, Routledge, 2016, pp1 - 15, [David Ditchburn] Book Chapter, 2016

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Scottish Historical Review, 91, 1, (2012), 1 - 195p, David Ditchburn & Catriona Macdonald , [eds.] Journal, 2012

Scottish Historical Review, 91, 2, (2012), 197 - 238p, David Ditchburn and Catriona MacDonald, [eds.] Journal, 2012 DOI

The Black Death in, editor(s)Philip Parker , The Great Trade Routes: A History of Cargoes and Commerce over Land and Sea, London, Conway, 2012, pp147 - 148, [David Ditchburn] Book Chapter, 2012

Northern Scotland, New Series, vol. 3, (2012), 1 - 177p, David Ditchburn, Marjory Harper, [eds.] Journal, 2012

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Rituals, space and the marriage of James II and Mary of Guelders, 1449 in, editor(s)Frances Andrews , Ritual and Space in the Middle Ages, Donington, Shaun Tyas, 2011, pp179 - 196, [David Ditchburn] Book Chapter, 2011

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The Scottish Historical Review, 90, 1, (2011), 1 - 177p, David Ditchburn & Catriona Macdonald, [eds.] Journal, 2011

The 'McRoberts thesis' and patterns of sanctity in late medieval Scotland in, editor(s)Steve Boardman , The Cult of Saints and the Virgin Mary in Medieval Scotland, Woodbridge, Boydell & Brewer, 2010, pp177 - 194, [David Ditchburn] Book Chapter, 2010

The Scottish Historical Review, 89/1, (2010), 1 - 134p, David Ditchburn and Catriona M M Macdonald, [eds.] Journal, 2010

The Scottish Historical Review, 89/2, (2010), 135 - 288p, David Ditchburn and Catriona M. M. Macdonald, [eds.] Journal, 2010

Maritime Ports and Transport, c.1200-1560 in, editor(s)Kenneth Veitch , Scottish Life and Society. Volume 8: Transport and Communications, Edinburgh, John Donald, 2009, pp23 - 50, [David Ditchburn] Book Chapter, 2009

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David Ditchburn, «Une grande ténacité doublée d'une loyauté remarquable»: l'Ecosse et le Schisme, 1378-1418 , Etudes Roussillonnaises, 24, 2009, p137 - 146 Journal Article, 2009

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The place of Guelders in Scottish foreign policy, c.1449-c.1542 in, editor(s)G.G. Simpson , Scotland and the Low Countries, 1124-1994, East Linton, Tuckwell, 1996, pp59 - 75, [Ditchburn, D.] Book Chapter, 1996

Ditchburn, D., The pirate, the policeman and the pantomime star: Aberdeen's alternative economy in the early fifteenth century, Northern Scotland, 12, 1992, p19 - 34 Journal Article, 1992

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Trade with northern Europe, 1297-1513 in, editor(s)M. Lynch, M. Spearman and G. Stell , The Scottish Medieval Town, Edinburgh, John Donald, 1988, pp161 - 179, [Ditchburn, D.] Book Chapter, 1988

Research Expertise


Medieval Scotland, and especially its social, economic, religious and political connections with foreign countries.


Medieval Britain; Medieval Europe; Medieval Scotland; SCOTLAND; Scottish history