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Single Honors Classics

Sh ClassicsThe single honors degree in Classics is designed for those who wish to study both Latin and ancient Greek and to read classical texts in their original language. Both languages are usually studied for the four years of the degree, though it is also possible to begin one language from scratch in the first year and the other in second year. The texts studied cover a wide variety of texts, including epic, drama, lyric poetry, philosophy and history writers. The main emphasis of both beginners' and non-beginners' courses is on classical literature and thought viewed within its cultural context. Ancient history and elements of Classical art and archaeology are studied in conjunction with the Greek and Latin languages and literatures. This encourages a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to classical culture.

Greek and Latin for non-beginners (Greek and Latin ‘A’) are designed for those who have already studied ancient Greek and Latin in school, and who wish to continue to read classical literature in the original languages. Beginners Greek and/or Latin (Greek and Latin ‘B’) are available to those who have not previously studied the language(s).

Modules offered in 2018-19:

Modules offered in 2019-20

Last updated 20 August 2018