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Welcome to TCD Botany

Welcome to the Botany Department of Trinity College Dublin, a leading centre of teaching and research in plant sciences. Our interests range over the areas of plant systematics, plant community ecology, and environment and sustainability.

We study plants because they are of vital importance; as the source of all our food, the oxygen we breathe and most of the medicines we use. They are central to the processes of global climate change and to the provision of food and energy for an expanding human population. In the face of such change their conservation is increasingly vital.

Prof Jennifer McElwain
Head of Botany





International Symposium

The Plant Microbiome: Exploration of Plant-Microbe Interactions For Improving Agricultural Productivity 18-22 November 2018.

TCD Botany Department is co-organising this international symposium with Cairo University and Leibniz IGZ Germany. The symposium will bring together international experts and resources to exchange experiences and develop methods for better plant microbiome resolution and in vitro culturability. For more details please contact Brian Murphy (



Careers in plant science

Our graduates are endowed with a broad range of skills. They are to be found across the private and public sectors, at home and abroad: in environmental and ecological consultancies; in Botanic Gardens and agricultural research institutes; in farming and forestry; in the National Parks & Wildlife Service and other branches of Government; and holding senior positions in Universities and schools across several continents. For more about our graduates please click here.

DA Webb studentship appeal

TCD Botanical Society LogoTCD Botanical Society

The TCD Botanical Society is working to increase an interest in botany and promote environmental awareness among society members and the student population in an interesting and informative way.We are actively pursuing this by organising lectures, talks, discussions, walks, film showings, field trips and other events that are of a botanical nature. Our events are both educational and enjoyable for those who share a botanical interest. The Botanical Society is a student society but is open to all undergrads, postgrads and staff alike.

For news, events and some fascinating botanical snippets click here (link to an external website).

We can be contacted directly by email at


Last updated 26 January 2018