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Micro-credential Proposal Approval Process

Trinity is developing micro-credentials as part of Human Capital Initiative (HCI) Pillar 3, allowing for a highly flexible and inclusive form of learning that focuses on the acquisition of skills and competencies and supports professionals and lifelong learners who wish to develop alongside the changing needs of industry and society. Four Schools are participating in the Trinity micro-credential pilot project - School of Engineering, School of Nursing and Midwifery, School of Social Work and Social Policy and Trinity Business School. Micro-credentials are specifically designed to upskill the workforce and they consist of credit offered for continuing professional development purposes.

  • Credit Range: 2.5 ECTS (not available currently), 5 ECTS or 10 ECTS

  • Working Definition

    A micro-credential is a proof of the learning outcomes that a learner has acquired following a short learning experience. These learning outcomes have been assessed against transparent standards. The proof is contained in a certified document that lists the name of the holder, the achieved learning outcomes, the assessment method, the awarding body and, where applicable, the qualifications framework level and the credits gained. Micro-credentials are owned by the learner, can be shared, are portable and may be combined into larger credentials or qualifications. They are underpinned by quality assurance following agreed standards.

    (working definition approved by HCI Steering, 11 February 2021)

    More information on micro-credentials in Trinity can be found here or by contacting the Micro-credentials team at

    The approval process for micro-credentials is captured in the graphic below. Micro-credentials are submitted to Academic Affairs through SharePoint and an initial review is undertaken by TT&L with feedback provided to Schools to facilitate the further development/refinement of the proposals. The micro-credential proposals (with the feedback addressed) are circulated to the Micro-credentials sub-committee for consideration, and once approved by the sub-committee the micro-credentials are recommended to USC/GSC as appropriate, and then to Council through the USC/GSC minutes.

    Micro-credential Proposal Development Timeline

    The image below presents a timeline for submission of micro-credential proposals for consideration by Trinity academic committees. Please note that you must first liaise with Dr Ruth Pritchard, Programme Director: Micro-credentials, to discuss the micro-credential development process before contacting Academic Affairs.

    Resources to support the development of your proposal