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Academic Affairs is one of five divisions of Trinity Teaching and Learning (TT&L).
Academic Affairs works closely with colleagues across all TT&L divisions in carrying out its remit.

In the event that you have a query relating to the work of Academic Affairs please email and a member of the team will be in touch.

Academic Affairs Team

Linda Darbey

Assistant Academic Secretary

Linda is the Assistant Academic Secretary with responsibility for implementing the remit of Academic Affairs in respect of undergraduate and graduate education. Linda ensures that Academic Affairs delivers its remit and acts as a centre of expertise and delivers on Trinity’s strategic priorities and objectives. Linda holds a Master of Education and a Postgraduate Diploma in Technology and Learning from Trinity, and a B.A. (Psychology) from UCD. Linda has 25 years’ experience working in the education sector with over 13 years’ experience of leading initiatives and projects at EU and national levels. Linda joined Trinity in January 2019.


Ewa Sadowska

Administrative Officer

Ewa joined Trinity in September 1995 and holds an M.PHIL. (WARSAW), M.LITT., GRAD. DIP. BUS. ST. (N.C.E.A.), DIP. H.E.P. As an administrative officer Ewa provides support to the Dean of Graduate Studies on the Graduate Studies Committee, and as advisor to Schools in the development of postgraduate course proposals and agreements. Ewa advises the Assistant Academic Secretary on matters relating to graduate education.


Sorcha De Brunner

Administrative Officer

Sorcha joined Trinity in 2004 and holds a BA and LLB from NUIG and MSc (Equality Studies) from UCD. As an administrative officer Sorcha is currently focused on undergraduate education, particularly in the areas of academic regulations, policy and course proposal development. She has been reviewing and providing feedback on undergraduate course proposals, internally and externally, since 2008. In 2019/20 Sorcha had the responsibility for managing and coordinating the work of the Undergraduate Studies Committee and the review work associated with the Calendar Part II.


Laoise Quinn

Education Support Officer

A graduate of Trinty and Smurfit College, UCD, Laoise has been working in the education sector for over twenty years in a variety of roles, including primary school teacher, special education coordinator and project manager. Laoise joined Trinity in 2017 and has worked in academic and research areas at School and Faculty level before joining the Academic Affairs team in 2021. Laoise's areas of responsibility include, secretary to the Graduate Studies Committee and to the micro-credentials subcommittee USC/GSC, advising on the development of course proposals and supporting the activities of Academic Affairs.


Elaine Egan

Administrative Officer
On leave of absence

Elaine joined Trinity in January 2002. As an administrative officer Elaine is responsible for the preparation of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies/Senior Lecturer’s Annual Report. She is secretary to the Undergraduate Studies Committee and provides administrative support to the Academic Secretary. Elaine holds B.A. (N.U.I.).