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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is one of five departments in Trinity Teaching and Learning (TT&L) and is responsible for

  • The conduct of all matters in support of academic policy development
  • Regulations and standards in respect of undergraduate and graduate education
  • Support and guidance to academic staff on the development of new course proposals, national and transnational collaborative programme and awards
  • Management of academic committees of Council
  • Support to the administration of Council agenda and minutes
  • Support the Academic Secretary and Annual Academic Officers (Senior Lecturer and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Registrar) on policy development, committee work and strategic initiatives

Key Activities

The core activities of Academic Affairs in carrying out its remit are to:

  • Inform the development of academic policies and regulations.
  • Facilitate the development of course proposals, inter-institutional framework agreements and articulation routes.
  • Provide support to Council through minute taking and the communication of decisions to the appropriate College personnel.
  • Manage and develop the work of academic committees.
  • Provide information, advice and support to the Annual Officers and the Academic Secretary, including the drafting of memos, reports and policies, and in the development of new initiatives.
  • Provide information and advice to Schools in the interpretation and application of academic policies, procedures and regulations as they apply to undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning.
  • Review and update sections of the Calendar Part II annually.
  • Compile and draft the annual reports of the Senior Lecturer/Dean of Undergraduate Studies.
  • Provide information, advice on guidance to Schools on the interpretation and application of academic policy, procedures and regulations.
  • Ensure that regulations, policies and procedures are readily available and accessible to the College community.
  • Provide information and advice to College divisions and services as appropriate, on academic policies, regulations and programme architectures.

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