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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs is one of five Trinity Teaching and Learning (TT&L) divisions, which is responsible for informing the development of academic policy, regulations and standards, course proposals and collaborative agreements in line with National and European legislation, and Trinity policy, and supporting the Academic Secretary and the Annual Officers on policy development, strategic initiatives and the management of academic committees.

To deliver its remit Academic Affairs:

  • Informs and guides the development of new programme proposals, micro-credentials and stand-alone modules for credit.
  • Guides the review and development of new collaboration agreements and memoranda of understanding.
  • Develops, updates, and reviews academic policy, procedures and regulations.
  • Reviews and updates specific sections of the Calendar Part II 1 and advises on changes to the Calendar Part III annually.2
  • Develops proposals that inform decision-making in the context of the work of the academic committees of Council and of Council,and the wider remit of Academic Affairs.
  • Produces guidelines and reports, including annual reports, to inform academic policy and practice development.
  • Manages all aspects of work relating to the Undergraduate Studies Committee (USC) and the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC), provides documentation for the Council agenda, and acts as minute secretary to Council.
  • Manages all aspects of work relating to the sub-committees of USC and GSC.
  • Manages activites relating to the administration of the Associated Colleges Degrees Committees (ACDC).3
  • Representation on College and externally convened committees/working groups relating to the remit of Academic Affairs.
  • Provides guidance to Schools and disciplines on the interpretation and implementation of academic policy, regulations, and programme proposal development.
  • Ensures that academic regulations, policies and procedures are in a format accessible to the College community.
  • Delivers workshops and information sessions, and provide resources to Schools and disciplines to support programme proposal development and the implementation of academic policy and regulations.
  • Manages strategic funding initiatives relating to teaching and learning.
  • Informs, and supports the Annual Academic Officers (Senior Lecturer/Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dean of Graduate Studies and the Registrar) on academic policy/regulations development, academic committee work and on strategic initiatives.
  • Establishes and builds relationships with members of the College community and works in partnership with colleagues to achieve the remit of Academic Affairs.
1. The Calendar Parts II and III present College regulations relating to undergraduate and graduate studies and higher degrees.
2. The Calendar Part III is updated by the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies annually.
3. Marino Institute of Education (MIE) and the Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) Associated Colleges Degree Committees (ACDC).

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