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Current & recent research projects

Current & Recent Research Projects

2006 - 2010: Doing Disability Research.

The 'Doing Disability Research' project was funded by Marie Curie Actions Transfer of Knowledge initiative. It ran for four years, and includes 3 distinct projects, which inform each other. Click here for more information on this initiative.

The three projects are:

'All we Want to Say'- A national survey of people with intellectual disabilities led by Dr. Patricia O'Brien, Prof. Roy McConkey and Dr. Edurne Garcia. Click here for more information.

'A Story to Tell'- A collection of the life stories of older adults (over 60) with intellectual disabilities in Ireland, co-ordinated by Zoe Hughes. Click here for more information.

The National Family Study- a study of the concerns and issues in the lives of families which have a member with intellectual disabilities, led by Dr. Darren Chadwick. Click here for more information.

On April 1st, 2009 the NIID launched the preliminary findings of these three projects. Please click here for a copy of this document.

2008- 2009: Critiquing the involvement of service users in standard development and monitoring/inspection

This project was funded by HIQA and examined the involvement of service users with disabilities in service evaluation, and was led by Minerva Rivas. Click here for more information.

2007-2008 Transitions from Compulsory Schooling: possibilities for young people with intellectual disabilities.

This project looked at the issues surrounding the transition between leaving school into further education/ work. The project was led by Dr. Patrica O'Brien and Dr. Phillip Curry.

2008-2009: The Inclusive Research Network.

The Inclusive Research Network is a joint project between the NIID and the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies. It is designed to teach research skills to people with intellectual disabilities. Click here for more information.

2008-2010: Including students with an intellectual disability on third level undergraduate programmes.

This research builds upon a pilot study conducted at Trinity College in 2005 - 2006. It is co-ordinated by John Kubiak, NIID. Click here for more information.

Contact: John Kubiak email: