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National Anti-bullying Advocacy Group Website

Please note that the National Anti Bullying Research and Resource Centre is now located in Dublin City University. Their website is

Members on the roof of Liberty Hallbullying meeting

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Who are we?

We are a group of self-advocates and colleagues from around Ireland. We have learned how to run workshops about bullying for people with intellectual disabilities.

Bullying is endemic in our community. Our mission is to address this sensitive topic through peer to peer discussions. Our message to workshop participants is:

  • you are NOT alone;
  • it's NOT your fault you are being bullied;
  • you CAN DO something about it!

role play at bus stop

group members role playing bullying at the bus stop

Who supports us?

We work independently of any service or government agency in Ireland. We are grateful for donated administrative support from the NIID and organisations such as the NIID, Inclusion Ireland and the Order of Malta for providing facilities to meet and run workshops.

All the workshops are self financing with the presenters giving their time in a volunteer capacity.

What we think should happen about bullying

ideas for bullying

  • anti-bullying should be in the constitution;
  • the bully has power - but we have the power to stop it;
  • speak up!
  • get help from staff (whoever is in charge);
  • report bullying;
  • tell bullies to stop;
  • stand up for your rights;
  • complain about it;
  • tell someone if you are being bullied;
  • set up a support group;
  • employ a qualified support worker to deal with the bullying.

Can we run a workshop for you?

Please write if you would like the group to come to you - 20 - 25 participants required.

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