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TCPID Summer School 2023: A Week of Learning, Fun and Exciting Partnerships

The TCPID Summer School 2023 held at Trinity College Dublin was a resounding success! From June 27th to 29th, 24 students with intellectual disabilities gathered on the beautiful campus for a vibrant and enriching experience.

The TCPID Summer School offered a diverse range of workshops that sparked the curiosity and creativity of the participants. From poetry writing to health and fitness, the students had the opportunity to explore different subjects and engage in hands-on activities.

The workshops included:

Poetry Writing: Unleashing the power of words, students explored the beauty and expressiveness of poetry.

Health and Fitness: Promoting wellness and an active lifestyle, this workshop empowered students to prioritize their physical well-being.

Social Media and Disability Rights: Students delved into the intriguing world of social media, learning about its impact on disability rights advocacy and expression.

Investigating the Trinity Locality: Students embarked on a journey to discover the history, culture, and significance of the Trinity College Dublin locality.

Introduction to Business: This workshop provided valuable insights into the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, igniting the students' entrepreneurial spirit.

Occupational Therapy Personal Self Development : Through this class, students gained valuable life skills, fostering personal growth and self-development.

Pizza Party and Quiz: The Summer School also celebrated joyful moments with a pizza party, bringing students together to enjoy delicious food and friendly competition.

Exciting Collaborations:

The TCPID Summer School embraced international collaboration by welcoming students from the ClemsonLife programme at Clemson University in the United States. These students participated in the Summer School as part of their study abroad programme, enriching the experience with their unique perspectives. Moreover, a meeting between the President of Clemson University and the Provost of Trinity College Dublin took place, exploring potential partnerships between the two institutions and the TCPID and ClemsonLife programme (

The TCPID Summer School 2023 provided a transformative experience for students with intellectual disabilities. From engaging workshops to thrilling activities and the forging of international connections, this event exemplified the spirit of inclusivity, education, and personal growth. We extend our gratitude to all the participants, facilitators, and collaborators who made this Summer School a tremendous success.