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My strategies for coping with self-isolation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By TCPID Graduate Niamh Biddulph

Most of us are now self-isolating because our education, work and travel have been impacted. Unfortunately, this is also affecting sports, music and entertainment. Self-isolation can be very hard, however, this a golden opportunity to focus on oneself and your interests. While our healthcare nurses, doctors and our governments are finding solutions to stamp out this corona virus, we can find solutions of our own to help cope with self-isolation. These strategies can be useful to anyone who may be thinking about how to keep stress levels down, trying to adopt a new routine and improving one’s mental and physical health.

I must admit that I’m really struggling with self-isolation now, at least I have my family who I can talk to if I ever need anything. So, I’m going to explain what these strategies are, and how these strategies helped me:

1. Messaging family and friends: Helps me to stop worrying about them so much.

2. Concentration: I do sudoku, dot-to-dot drawing, watch funny videos and listen to music. I find it very enjoyable, really entertaining and it gives me a sense of escape.

3. Cuddling pets: Cats and dogs may want some of your attention.

4. Exercise: I do a dancing programme called ‘Dance Yourself Fit’ and walking.

5. Chillax! Regularly take breaks from watching the news and ensure good sleep.

6. And some emergency chocolate will never go amiss.

I know it’s not ideal that we must stay at home, but with these strategies I have listed here, hopefully this will help you to adopt a routine of your own. We will be going back to a normal routine at some point, but until then these strategies will help you in self-isolation. I hope that the corona virus disappears soon, but I believe that we will get through this pandemic together. Thank you to the healthcare workers who will be playing their part in helping the sick and thank you everybody at home for self-isolating to lessen the impact of the virus.