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My Experience Working in EY in 2018

By TCPID Graduate Margaret Turley

My name is Margaret Turley. I am a graduate of the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities in the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin.

A few months ago I was going into the Centre for a meeting when I happened to bump into Marie Devitt who is the Pathways Coordinator in the Centre and she asked me to send in my CV to her. So I updated my CV and sent it in a few days later. Marie contacted me to say that she had a business partner who was looking for me to join their team. The company was EY.

Marie had a few conversations with EY and then myself and Marie met with them to talk about starting a new 6 month job in EY. I went to the meeting feeling very nervous but after the meeting I was ok because everyone was so nice and friendly.

A few weeks after that meeting I was given a starting date so in April I started in EY. I was very nervous. My mam dropped me up by car. I was so shy. When I went to ask for Brenda Kealy at reception I nearly cried but I held it back. I went to take a seat while I was waiting for Brenda. She collected me and we went down to the floor where I was to work. We got my laptop set up then went for tea. I was brought out and treated to lunch on my first day in EY.

I am very grateful to have this opportunity to work in EY. I am learning lots of new skills e.g. filing, asking for help when I need it and I am also building up my confidence and socialising with the other staff. For example I went to a lunch for a colleague who was going on maternity leave. I am also hoping to go to the staff annual BBQ. These social occasions are a big effort for me as I am only getting to know people.

Working in EY means everything to me. I love being part of society, getting a pay cheque, being able to grumble about having to pay taxes and being able to save money and being able to work off a budget.

I love that everyone is friendly and helpful. There is a lovely atmosphere in EY. I am learning lots of new skills, for example I am learning how to call up files, to file the documents and tidy up the files. I am learning new social skills. I am standing on my own two feet and able to ask questions and able to ask for help when I need it. I have also learned about time sheets and how to check pay slips and annual leave on line and I am also expanding my vocabulary.

Working in EY means a lot to me because I am experiencing life as other people are experiencing it for example when my colleagues talk about things I sometimes can relate to it and this makes me feel good. It means a lot to me when I am asked and supported by EY to go to their different social events. it means a lot to me that everyone is friendly and helpful for example when my laptop had to renew its password one of the lads came over to show me how to do it. EY gives me a reason to get up in the morning and get moving.