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New chapter publication from Dr. John Kubiak

Dr John Kubiak has a new chapter publication in ‘Facilitating collaborative reflection: researching with college students with intellectual disabilities’, editor(s)Adele Flood and Kathryn Coleman, Reflective Practice in Learning and Teaching, USA, Common Ground Publishing'.

This chapter reports on the findings of a research project - conducted in the Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities – which was undertaken by this author and six co-researchers with intellectual disabilities (ID). The study outlines how reflective practice was used to navigate the journey from initially learning about research, through to collecting and analysing data. The chapter is presented in three main parts: (1) ‘Before research’ (Exploring co-researchers’ pre-understandings of research and researchers), (2) ‘During research’ (Engaging with the reflective learning cycle; data collection and analysis), and (3) ‘After research’ (A model of learning). All of these three stages of the research aim to capture the scope, depth, richness and flexibility that reflective analysis offered to this author, the individual co-researcher and the collective research group. Finally, some tentative findings are offered on reflection in research with people with ID. These are: (i) reflection is shared active learning; (ii) reflection involves awareness of an identity shift; (iii) reflection needs a skilled supporter, and (iv), reflection is emancipatory.