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First Ever Recipient of Margaret McLoughlin Scholarship

The first ever recipient of the Margaret McLoughlin TCPID student scholarship has been awarded to incoming 1st year student Jack Egan. The scholarship will help to support Jack throughout his studies in Trinity College Dublin.

The Scholarship programme is named in honour of Margaret McLoughlin, daughter of Joan and Tony McLoughlin, and sister of Kieran, David and Louise. Margaret, who had Down Syndrome, passed away in 2003 at the age of 25. The McLoughlin family have been huge supporters of the TCPID for many years and have always worked to support people with intellectual disabilities to reach their true potential.

In Jack’s own words:

“My name is Jack Egan. I am 19 years old and this means I was a millennium baby. My mum and dad said the government gave me a medal for the spectacular performance of entering this world during the millennium celebrations. They also say that I have been over-achieving and winning medals and winning the hearts of other people ever since. My parents claim I am stubbornly determined, a trait I get from both of them I think. I went to mainstream primary and secondary school. I swim for my country as part of the Down Syndrome International Swimming Organisation team. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to go to Trinity College. My dad went there before he studied nursing. Sometimes we walk through the college and he talks about the different buildings and points out classrooms he spent some time in. I hope that I enjoy my time there as much as he did.

I really want to go to Trinity and I really want to make my family proud. The scholarship will allow me to do this without worrying about my mum and dad. I really want to show everyone that it is possible for a man with Down Syndrome to go to Trinity College and succeed. My mum and dad have done everything possible to help me get here. I think it is now my time to help them.

My mum was showing me a picture of Margaret on the internet. She looked so happy. I hope to do her proud. It sounds like she was quite like me.”

The McLoughlin family said:

"We are delighted that Jack is the inaugural Margaret McLoughlin Scholar at TCPID. Clearly, he is a young man determined to fulfil his potential and put his talents to work. This is what motivated Margaret and brought her such great satisfaction. In Margaret's memory we are thrilled to have the opportunity to support Jack and others to thrive".