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My Tips for Coping with COVID 19

by TCPID Graduate Eavan Daly

My name is Eavan Daly and I am 25 years old. I live outside Drogheda with my family. Since October I have been working in the Tax Dept of EY on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. At the end of February I started working I Permanent TSB on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

At first I found it hard to understand the whole covid 19 situation and was disappointed when I couldn’t go to work anymore. Then I spoke to my family and friends about it and I began to see everyone was in the same situation and we are all in this together. So now I want to share some practical tips with you about coping with covid 19.

1. We have all agreed at home to not talk about covid 19 after 8.30 at night and not at all at weekends.

2. Enjoy the stories of people helping their neighbours and friends at this time.

3. Exercise regularly and eat well ( but not too much!!!). I walk my dog everyday and try to go for a run with my Dad in the evenings…always staying inside the 2km rule.

4. Keep a routine.

5. Contact your friends often for a catchup.

6. Help out more at home. I make lunch for my parents when they come home from work each day.

7. Enjoy time for your hobbies. I like reading detective stories set in the Cotswolds and I do colouring for adults. At the moment I am working on a large canvas for my bedroom wall. It’s good to have a project to work on.

8. Wash your hands regularly and don’t touch you face (This is really important.)

Now back to my work update.

My boss, Cathy Harrison in EY sent me my laptop so I could work from home like everyone else. I have set up my office and Cathy was a great help in getting me started. It was a huge thrill for me. I really love the work but to be honest I miss the company of the office. I believe the covid situation is improving and I look forward to the day when everything goes back to normal.

Stay Safe everyone. Eavan.