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Dr. Donatella Camedda leading guest editor of special edition by the British Journal of Learning Disabilities

Dr. Donatella Camedda, Coordinator of the Certificate in Arts, Science and Inclusive Applied Practice programme has been invited to be the leading guest editor of a special issue on People with intellectual (learning) disabilities working or studying in higher education institutions to be published by the British Journal of Learning Disabilities. Our colleague Sadbh Feehan has also been invited to be on the editorial team for this issue.

The call for papers has just gone live and abstracts are being accepted until January 24th.

The British Journal of Learning Disabilities is an interdisciplinary international peer-reviewed journal which aims to be the leading journal in the learning disability field. It is the official Journal of the British Institute of Learning Disabilities. It encompasses contemporary debate/s and developments in research, policy and practice that are relevant to the field of learning disabilities. It publishes original refereed papers, regular special issues giving comprehensive coverage to specific subject areas, and especially commissioned keynote reviews on major topics. In addition, there are reviews of books and training materials, and a letters section.

The contributions should be academic papers with an easy-to-read/video summary related to the following topics:

• People with intellectual/learning disabilities studying in higher education

• Opportunities and challenges of implementing HE programmes

• Support provision in higher education such as peer-mentoring

• Employment pathways linked to higher education programmes

• Full-time/part-time employment in higher education institutions

• Inclusive research involving employment of people with intellectual/learning disabilities as researchers/research assistants in higher education institutions

• Inclusive research on higher education-employment transitions

• Higher education and/or employment policy/practice developments

• Advocacy initiatives in higher education and/or employment

To read more about the call for papers go to: