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My Story About My Two Years in Trinity

by TCPID Graduate Hugh O Callaghan

Tell us a little about yourself and your background

I did the Arts, Science and Inclusive Applied Practice course in Trinity College Dublin that ran for two years. The first year was just getting used to going to different classrooms for different subjects and just getting around the campus which was so huge you could easily get lost on it but that never happened to me!

I made great friends with all my class mates we always helped each other and stayed in contact outside of college by a WhatsApp group we set up. We studied together, we ate together we went to classes together it was a very connected group.

Some of the subjects in first year were Expressive arts, Irish Sign language, Language and society and Human Rights. Some of the subjects in second year was Emergency and Disaster Management , Film studies and Research Theories and Concepts. In my experience second year students got more freedom for example one time when I was in second year myself and a class mate of mine also in second year were invited to go on a trip with the first years and two college staff members to The GPO and on the way back to college me and my friend asked could stop off and get a take away meal from McDonalds and the two college staff members said “yes.” I found a few subjects like Irish Sign Language hard but other subjects like Expressive arts and Emergency and Disaster Management I found easy. Myself and my classmates also did a video on using the Library in Trinity to make it easier for all future students. It is up on the Trinity website and on YouTube too.

My Graduation day was one of the best days of my life because that day was all about me and my class mates and our achievements. The only thing was that I had to get up at the crack of dawn to get in in time for the whole graduation ceremony. Overall my graduation day was a great day. All my friends that I graduated with we keep in contact with each other on Zoom which is a great way to catch up with them.