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My Trinity College Experience

by TCPID Graduate Benóg Brady Bates

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background.

My name is Benóg. I live in Cork. I do a lot of cycling and I play lots of sports. I like to travel.

Why did you decide to come to Trinity College Dublin to complete the Certificate in Arts, Science, and Inclusive Applied Practice (ASIAP)?

I decided to come to Trinity College Dublin because I wanted to make more friends and to get education. I wanted to feel independent and to know more about myself, to see what are my weaknesses and my strengths. I found out that I have a learning disability. I feel everyone should be equal.

What did you enjoy most about Trinity College?

What I enjoyed most about Trinity College was making new friends and playing sports and using the free gym.

What did you enjoy most about the ASIAP course?

One of my favourites was using my skill of rap and music making in the STEM project. I also enjoyed acting and drama a lot. The work placement was brilliant! I got to work with the pharmaceutical company ICON.

What did you find difficult?

Trying to get all my exams done in time. I found that hard.

What helped you during your time in Trinity College Dublin?

• All my family and my friends supported me through all the two years in college. That college made me think me like a student that I could take the chance to travel.

What would your advice be to other students who might be considering applying for the Certificate in Arts, Science, and Inclusive Applied Practice?

Don’t be shy going in college. Head up to college it is a fantastic experience because you get to learn new skills and to get to meet new people.

What is your most special memory of your time in Trinity College Dublin?

Going to the gym and socialising more with students.

What will you miss the most about Trinity College Dublin?

I will miss learning about disability rights.

What are your goals for the future?

• My goals are trying to get a new job and to travel and to be more independent.

Tell us about your experience of the COVID 19 crisis?

This year with the COVID 19 was difficult because I had to do exams and presentations online and do online class work.

Did you find it difficult doing your classes and submitting your assignments online?

Yes I did because its hard to get up look at a computer and do your assignments online.

What new skills have you learnt because of the COVID 19 crisis?

Using the computer the first time and using Zoom.

What are you most looking forward to doing once the COVID 19 crisis is over?