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Seminar Programme

The Centre's research seminar in biblical studies runs regularly during the Michaelmas and Hilary terms and offers staff, associates, research students and others the opportunity to share, hear and discuss current research in biblical studies being undertaken here in Ireland and beyond.  For more information, see our programme for the current term.

Biblical Studies Post-graduate Research Seminar 2020–2021 Academic Year will be delievered online for Hilary Term 2021. Please contact Prof. David Shepherd for more details.

HILARY Term 2021

February 8th– Darryl G. Hart (Hillsdale College, MI) “ A Virus the U.S. Can’t Contain: Christianity and American Politics”

February 22nd– Jill Unkel (Chester Beatty Library) “The Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri on Display”

March 15th– Andrew Mein (University of St Andrews) “Gog, Magog, and Christian Apocalyptic Politics: Soundings in the History of Interpretation”

March 29th – Robert Miller (Catholic University of American) “Orality and Biblical Law”

April 19th – – Stephen Huws & Kyle Young (TCD) Ph.D. Seminar Presentations

Michaelmas Term 2020

October 16th – Ahuvia Kahane (TCD) “The Piety of Transgression: Biblical Injunctions and the Dis-continuity of Faith”

October 30th – Zohar Hadromi-Allouche (TCD) “The Earth Worshipper: Cain, Earth, and Myth in Genesis 4”

November 13th – Crawford Gribben (Queens University Belfast) “Early Evangelicalism and Millennial Theory: Andrew Fuller’s Commentary on the Book of Revelation”

November 27th – Francis Watson (Durham University) will present an overview of his new monograph, Cambridge University Press, SNTS Series, An Apostolic Gospel: the Epistula Apostolorum in Literary Context.

December 11th – Tyson Putthoff (University of Oklahoma) will present an overview of his new monograph, Cambridge University Press, Gods and Humans in the Ancient Near East.



The Centre's research seminar in biblical studies runs regularly during the Michaelmas and Hilary terms and offers staff, associates, research students and others the opportunity to share, hear and discuss current research in biblical studies being undertaken here in Ireland and beyond.  For more information, see our programme for the current term.

Michaelmas Term 2019

September 20th – Jonathan Jacobs (Bar Ilan University) Ramban’s Addenda to his Commentary Upon Reaching the Land of Israel

September 30th –BOOK LAUNCH, John R. Bartlett, Burchard of Mount Sion, O.P.: Descriptio Terrae Sanctae (Oxford University Press) 4:30-6:00 in the Trinity Long Room Hub

October 4th – Esther Eshel (Bar Ilan University) The Genesis Apocryphon and Related Texts

October 18th – Zohar Hadromi-Allouche (TCD) The Story of Abraham and Sarah in the Qur’an as an Interpretation of Genesis 18

November 15th – David Shepherd (TCD) The Fruitless Toil of Painters: Rediscovering Samuel in Stained Glass

December 3rd and 4th – International Symposium: Jewish Wisdom from the Judean Wilderness to Diaspora. Invited Speakers: George J. Brooke (Manchester), William Horbury (Cambridge), Cana Werman (Ben Gurion U.), Elisa Uusimäki (Helsinki), Jonathan Ben-Dov (Haifa), Asaf Gayer (Haifa), Jeremy Corley (Maynooth), Daniele Pevarello (TCD), Benjamin Wold (TCD)


Sept. 21st - Craig Blomberg (Denver, CO) 'Looking for the Historical Jesus (Again)?' (public lecture in conjunction with IBI; venue: G16 at 7:30 p.m.)
Oct. 5th - David Miller (Caronport/Cambridge) '1-2 Maccabees and Reverse Polemic in Acts' Tenyia Miller (Caronport/Cambridge) 'Seventeenth-century Reading of the Man of God out of Judah (1 Kings 13)'
Oct. 19th - Carly Crouch (Pasadena, CA) 'Israel and Judah: Conflict and Reconciliation'
Nov. 2nd - Jonathan Norton (London) 'Echoes of Audience in Paul's Letter to the Romans' (joint meeting with DCU)
Dec. 7th - Daniele Pevarello (Dublin) 'Heracles, the New Testament and Early Christianity: Looking for a 'Christian Heracles'?' (joint meeting with St Patrick's Maynooth)
January 11th – James D. Moore (Berlin) 'The New Aramaic Texts: Elephantine Aramaic Papyri in the State Museum of Berlin'
January 29th –BOOK LAUNCH (by Garrick Allen, DCU): Benjamin Wold, 4QInstruction: Divisions & Hierarchies, Studies in the Texts of the Desert of Judah (Leiden: Brill, 2018). 6:30-7:30 in the Trinity Long Room Hub
February 8th – Zachery J. Cole (Belfast) 'The Public Reading of Scripture in Early Christianity: More Clues from the Papyri'
March 1st – Anja Klein (Edinburgh) 'The Word ה לג and Sexual Violence as an Image of Exile in Ezekiel 16 and 23'
March 15th – Rodney Werline (Wilson, NC) 'Uses for Blessings in Biblical and Second Temple Jewish Literature'
April 5th – Jordash Kiffiak (Vancouver, B.C.) 'The Violent Messiah: 2 Baruch and the Eschatological Sword'


October 6th - Benjamin Wold (Dublin): 'Poverty in Jewish and Christian Wisdom Traditions: Reassessing Armenfrommigkeit'October 20th - Gordon Campbell (Belfast): 'New Moves that Renewed Luther's New Testament (1530)'
November 3rd - Holly Morse (Manchester): 'Biblical Bathing Beauties: Ways of Seeing Bathsheba and Susanna in 16th and 17th Century Painting'
November 24th - Katie Heffelfinger (Dublin): 'Excerpts from a Commentary on Isaiah 40-66: Reflections on a Work in Progress' December 6th (Wednesday) - Brigid Frein (Scranton): 'Speaking of God: What does the Lukan Jesus Teach about God?' [Joint meeting at St. Patrick's Maynooth, 13:45-15:00]
February 2nd - Andrew Mayes (Dublin) - 'Interpretations of the Joseph Story'
February 16th -Tobias Nicklas (Regensburg) - 'Authority & Canon according to Some Ancient 'Christian' Apocalypses: 5 Ezra & the Tiburtine Sibyl' [joint meeting with DCU, Purcell House, All Hallows Campus (Grace Park Rd.) in PG01, from 11-12:30]
March 9th -Kate Oxsen (TCD-PhD) 'Royal Women of the Hebrew Bible'; Lynn Mills (TCD-PhD) 'Holy Spirit in the Dead Sea Scrolls'
March 23rd - Wenhua Shi (Dublin) 'Paul's Message of the Cross & Social Inversion'
April 4th - Gerard Norton (Dublin) 'Unicorns and other strange Beasts that lurk in Ancient Texts of the Psalter [joint meeting in Maynooth - 1:45-3:00 pm]
April 16th – Michael Theophilos (Melbourne) 'The Sacred Background of βίβλος in Matthew 1:1 in light of
Recently Published Documentary Papyri.' [11:00am to 12.30am; followed by an afternoon workshop on
papyrology and visit to Chester Beatty Library, details to be announced]
April 27th - Adele Reinhartz (Ottawa) 'Jesus: Good Jew or Bad Jew?' [7:30pm in the Trinity Long Room Hub]


27th Jan, Garrick Allen (DCU) - “Divine Sonship in Early Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic
17th Feb, Martin O’Kane (Trinity St. David) – “The Bible and Orientalism: The Case of King Solomon
3rd Mar, Kevin Cathcart (UCD) – “The Idea of ‘Rest’ in the Hebrew Bible: An Examination of a Neglected Theme in Biblical Studies”
24th Mar, Jan Joosten (Oxford) – “Language, Exegesis, and Creative Writing in Chronicles”
[in conjunction with St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth]
7th Apr, Danny Daley (TCD) – “Inheritance in the Second Temple period”
1st Jun (Thur, 8pm, G6), Ben Witherington (Asbury Seminary) – “The Ethics of Jesus Revisited” [in conjunction with the CITI]


October 9th – Luke Macnamara (Glenstal Abbey): “Saul’s Damascus
Experience – A Narrative Reading” [joint session with Maynooth at TCD]
October 23rd – Charlie Hadjiev (BBC, Queen’s University Belfast): “Where did
Vashti Go Wrong? Subverting Royal Power in the Book of Esther”
November 6th – George Brooke (University of Manchester): “The Dead Sea
Scrolls and the Authority of the Bible”
November 27th – Geoff Wharton (TCD): “Paul’s Use of Obduracy and
Concealment Motifs in 2 Corinthians 3-4”
December 11th – Elena Narinskaya (MDI, Dublin City University): “The Life
of the One Chosen by God: The Stories of Moses in Midrash Rabbah, Ephrem
the Syrian, and in the Qur‘an”

January 22nd – Jonathan Burroughs (Dublin): “‘Jesus, again crying out with a loud
voice, released the Spirit’” (Mt 27:50): The Spirit and the Cross in the Gospel of
February 5th – Loren Stuckenbruck (University of Munich): “The Recovery of Text for
Ethiopic Enoch Today”
February 19th – Mika Pajunen (University of Helsinki): “Poetic Compositions in
Narrative Contexts: A Feature of Skillful Second Temple Jewish Literature”
March 9th – David Shepherd (TCD): “‘David’s Anger was Greatly Kindled’:
Melodrama, Silent Cinema and the Books of Samuel” [Joint meeting at Maynooth at
April 22nd – Jim Watts (Syracuse University): “The Pentateuch’s Enthymeme: YHWH
is King&rdquo


October 10th – Prof. Jeremy Corley: “Sirach and Creation”
October 24th – Mrs. Sarah Shier: “Just Like a Man? The Ambiguous
Gender of the One Like a Son of Man in the Book of Revelation”
November 14th – Dr William Ford: “What about the Gibeonites?”
November 28th – Prof. Jan Dochhorn: “The Reception of the
Assumption of Moses in Early Christianity”
December 12th – Dr Lidia Matassa: “Myth-identification of a Synagogue
on Masada”

February 4th – Benjamin Wold (Trinity College Dublin): ‘Spirit’ and ‘Flesh’ in Paul,
Philo, and Qumran Sapiential Literature
**to be held at Maynooth, St. Joseph’s Hall (South [Old] Campus), St. Patrick’s
College, at 3:00pm**
February 13th – Ian Werrett (St Martin’s University): Ritual Purity at Qumran
February 20th – John Barclay (Durham University): Apocalyptic Allegiance and
Disinvestment in the World: A Reading of 1 Corinthians 7.25-35
March 13th – Jonathan Stökl (Kings College London): Tell Me How You Write, and I
Will Tell You Who You Are: Reflections on Hebrew Scripts in the First Millennium
BCE and Modern Scholarship
March 20th – John Harrison (Oklahoma Christian University): Herodian Galilean
Economic Changes and Jesus’ Parable


October 4th, Benjamin Wold (TCD): “Yetzer Ra (‘Evil Inclination’) in the Dead Sea Scrolls”
October 18th, David Shepherd (TCD): “Where did Naboth the Jezreelite Die? New Light on an
Old Mystery”
November 1st, Daniele Pevarello (TCD): “Paul and Philosophical Self-Sufficiency in the Epistle to
the Philippians”
November 15th, Sarah Shier (TCD): “A Man, a God or a Beast? The Son of God in the Book of
November 29th, Brad Anderson (Mater Dei): “‘This booke hath bred all the quarrel’: The Bible in
the 1641 Depositions”
December 13th, Michael Morris (TCD): “Apotropaic Traditions in Early Judaism and the Synoptic

January 17th, Margaret Daly-Denton (TCD): “Reading the Fourth Gospel from an
Ecological Perspective”
January 31st, Katie Heffelfinger (Church of Ireland Theological Institute): “Biblical
Poetics in the Ancient Near Eastern Context: Assessing the Conversation”
February 14th, Helen Cashell-Moran (TCD): “The Proverbial Pigeon: The Complexities
of 4QInstruction's Genre”
March 14th, Timothy Sailors (University of Tübingen) “The So-Called Jewish-Christian
Gospel(s) and the Gospel of Matthew”
March 28th, Hanne von Weissenberg (University of Helsinki): “Is Scripture Sacred at