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The Bible in Late Antiquity and the Medieval Period

Despite attracting a reputation for its mere preservation of the Bible, rather than its interpretive innovation, Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages saw the Bible used and interpreted in a wide variety of ways in both the Jewish and Christian traditions.   Trinity College Dublin’s rich collection of MSS including, but by no means limited to, the famous Book of Kells, offers evidence of the Irish use of the Bible as well as its remarkable tradition of illumination. In addition to current projects in this area, research on the Bible in Late Antiquity and the Medieval Period is being undertaken by the following staff and associates of the Centre.

Dr Zohar Hadromi-Allouche

My research interest covers the discursive relationship between the Hebrew Bible and Qur’an. I examine the construction of biblical characters and episodes in the Qur’an, as well as the implication of reading the Bible through a qur’anic prism. This research has led to several research projects, such as an article on Qur’an 93 as a response to Psalm 22 (JIQSA 3, 2019).

Dr Ruth Karras

My research interest covers ‘Medieval Women, Gender and Sexuality’. Current research focuses on King David as a figure of masculinity in medieval Christian and Jewish culture, drawing on a variety of sources from across Europe.

Dr David Shepherd

Alongside my interests in the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in the Second Temple Period in Aramaic (esp. 11QarJob) at Qumran, I continue to work on the Aramaic background to the New Testament and have published on the Gospel of John.   For more information or to get in touch visit my staff page.