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  • Ms Sara Fiori
  • Sara Fiori

  • Research assistant 

    Qualifications: B.Sc. and MA degree in Computer Science and Engineering. 

    Research interests: computer science and intellectual disabilities, assistive technology, user focused design  


    Sara is a Computer Science Engineering graduate with a Master degree in Computer Science and Engineering, track: “Communication and Society”, from Politecnico di Milano (Italy).  

    Her Master studies focused on the integration of computer science and communication skills, for designing, implementing, presenting and evaluating innovative applications, with courses that addressed: fundamentals of communication sciences, argumentation theory, computer mediated communication, visual communication and social aspects of computer mediated communication (communication and society, accessibility). 

    Sara’s MA thesis (2021) was entitled: “Digital storytelling for people with intellectual disabilities: an intermediate language for executable representations”. The thesis was focused on the creation of an Intermediate Language for executable representations that helps to create flexible and accessible software for storytelling. Within the thesis Sara developed a prototype of an application to create digital stories, and she tested it with people with intellectual disabilities and psychologists, from two intellectual disability organizations. 

    She has more than 10 years of experience of volunteering with people with intellectual disability (mainly with Amicinsieme volunteer organization), older adults and children.