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Creativity & Innovation During COVID-19

Webinar & Exhibition


Alan Tarpey

Commentary on the arts and C virus

A local example. Roscommon arts centre changed into another medical centre to accommodate coronavirus patients, as the Government eliminated the arts budget to put it into healthcare.

The Mesh Mince of Art Ware

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Lisa Acheson

Don't Give Up

One of Lisa's poems that she has written during the COVID-19 pandemic which has a very strong message for everybody - don't give up!!!

Don't Give Up

Click here to read Dont Give Up

St Michaels House Ratheanna Residential Services Resident

The Virus

Please find attached a poem that was written by the residents of St Michaels House Ratheanna Residential Services.

The Virus

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John Linnane

To My Mom

John really loves words their meanings and how to use them. John took an interest in exploring poetry and rhyming words. He started by writing down all his thoughts and feelings he has about his mother. He then made short sentences from these words. Then using an app for rhyming words he was able to construct the next sentence of the poem. This was the process through to the end. He was so eager and keen to make his mother proud and happy, which he did in buckets.

To My Mom

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Brothers of Charity Services

Its a Virtual Reality

Brothers of Charity Services residents have put together this poem as part of the newly developed Fit Virtual iniative.

Its a Virtual Reality

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Alan Tarpey

'Vignettes of Terror'

Click here to read Alan Tarpeys story

Claire Nagle

'A story about Coronavirus how it has been Affecting People all over the world'

Click here to read Claire Nagles story

Darragh Losty

'Cindarella Under The Sea'

Click here to read Darragh Lostys story

John Leydon

'Wellness during COVID-19'

Click here to read John Leydons story

Mei Lin Yap

'Working Remotely: How to Support Employees with Intellectual Disabilities'

Click here to read Mei Lins story

Sarah Faughnan

'What I have been up to and my favourite recipe'

Click here to read Sarah Faughnans story