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Professor Paula Murphy is the Registrar and has statutory responsibility for the records of both Trinity College Dublin and the University of Dublin. (Trinity College Dublin is the sole constituent College of the University of Dublin, established by Queen Elizabeth I in 1592). For most practical purposes, Trinity College and the University of Dublin may be regarded as one and the same institution. However, degrees are awarded by the University of Dublin, not Trinity College, and this is the main instance when the roles of the two bodies diverge). As such, the Registrar is the only College Officer of both Trinity College Dublin and the University of Dublin. She is custodian of the Statutes and responsible for all graduation ceremonies.  She chairs the Academic Appeals Committee and the Student Disciplinary Committee.  The Registrar also oversees the College's inter-institutional relationships within Ireland.

Paula Murphy is Professor in Developmental Biology, in the School of Natural Sciences (Zoology Discipline). Originally a science graduate of Trinity, specialising in genetics, she carried out doctoral research at the University of Edinburgh on a then newly emerging set of genes that control shape and structure in the developing embryo.  Two Postdoctoral Fellowships provided research experience at the University of Rome (La Sapienza) and the Ecole Normale Superieur, Paris, building a set of skills and approaches that allow her to examine how cells differentiate and form spatially organized tissues and organs in the developing embryo. Her research contributions are recognized internationally in the fields of morphogenesis and skeletal development. She returned to Trinity in 2001 having held research positions in Oslo and Edinburgh.


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