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NPCAM Fresher Course Structure - To be updated soon

In the Fresher years a student studying Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials takes the full course in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as well as special topical tutorials in Nanoscience. The fresher students in each year are managed by their respective course coordinators for each year in the Schools of Physics and Chemistry.

Please refer to the year structures for Chemistry and Physics. To be able to take nanoscience as your moderatorship course in Junior Sophister, you must select

  • Pattern JF.2, i.e. full physics courses (PYU11P10 and PYU11P20) as approved modules for TR061 students.
  • Choice A, i.e. full chemistry courses (CHU11101 and CHU11102) as approved modules for TR063 students.

Last updated 9 September 2019