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About the MAMMI study

Maternal health And Maternal Morbidity in Ireland

The MAMMI study is a longitudinal, cohort study examining prevalence and risk factors for a range of morbidities in over 3000 first-time mothers in Ireland.

History of the MAMMI study
How it started and what areas it focussed on
  • The MAMMI (Maternal health And Maternal Morbidity in Ireland) study is a multi-strand, multi-centre, cohort study investigating prevalence and risk factors for a range of morbidities in 3000 nulliparous (first time) mothers. This number represents almost 10% of all first-time mothers giving birth in Ireland in a given year. The MAMMI study is now one of the largest prospective maternal health studies globally.
  • The study, which began recruitment in January 2012, was set up by Dr Deirdre Daly and Professor Cecily Begley in order to investigate some gaps in current research regarding women's physical and mental health around pregnancy and childbirth in Ireland.
  • The MAMMI Study, established in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, has completed recruitment and data collection from The Rotunda Hospital Dublin (RH), and Galway University Hospital (GUH). In the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital Dublin (CWIUH) recruitment has closed, however, postpartum data collection is ongoing and is due to reach completion in September 2018.
  • Information is gathered at two time points during pregnancy, and at three, six, nine and twelve months post-partum. The MAMMI study examines a range of important health issues including included urinary and anal incontinence; pelvic girdle and other pain, mental health problems, including anxiety and depression, sexual health problems, intimate partner violence and attendance at health services and readmission to emergency rooms/hospital.
Current work and future directions
Active strands of the MAMMI study and prospective future areas of research
  • MAMMI 5 year follow up survey
    • S: Second baby survey
      I: Intervention to improve urinary incontinence outcomes
      M: Measuring costs
  • Public Partnership in Research
  • Funding Sources


    The MAMMI Study is being carried out in the School of Nursing & Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin, which is ranked 1st in Ireland and 46th in the World in the QS World University Subject Rankings 2021.