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Our purpose as an Institute is to reflect academically on Christian faith, social justice and contemporary culture in the context of the Catholic tradition and our central concern is the creative intersection of theology, Church and society.  Through our research and teaching we are equipping students to respond to the challenges facing the Catholic Church and other Christian traditions and to address the emerging needs of these faith communities in a manner that is informed, relevant, reasoned and pastoral.

We care deeply about

(a)           high academic standards in teaching, research and inquiry in accord with the general principles of academic freedom in search of truth;

(b)           an ecumenical approach

(c)           dialogue with Christian and other faith traditions and with surrounding cultures.

While our curriculum is firmly rooted in the Catholic tradition, given the changing face of religion in contemporary Ireland, and the diversity of theologies in the Irish Christian tradition, we are deeply committed to dialogue with other religious traditions and working with other schools and institutes of Trinity College.  In an increasingly diverse and complex society one of our main priorities is to foster religious understanding through ecumenical dialogue and through dialogue between faith and culture.  We are also committed to promoting social justice and to fostering ethical values in society.