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Current Postgraduate Research

Brochure for Postgraduate Studies available here.

  • Jade Bailey - A Constructive Theo-ethics of the Apophatic Self: Reframing Contemporary Therapeutic Approaches to Suffering and Self through Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite s Corpus Areopagiticum
  • Meins G.S. Coetsier - Divine Concern. Towards a Theology of Prison Ministry: A Contemporary Approach to Imprisonment as a Mode of Jesus Forsakenness.
  • Shane Daly, Called to Preach the Word: Laity and the ministry of preaching – A case study in ecclesiology
  • Marcus B.P. Gaffney - The Possibilities of Personal Liberty: Toward a Comprehensive Thomistic Theology of Free Human Action
  • Vicky Holland - The Calumnious Misrepresentation of the Symbolic and Holy Pig
  • Stephen Huws - The Virgin Mary in Co. Dublin, 1869-1944: The Reception of the Bible in Stained Glass
  • Thomas Alun Morgan - Transformations in the Qumran Aramaic and Old Greek Versions of Job and Leviticus
  • Oana Sanziana Marian - Just the Vessel with the Wine in It: Christianity’s Social Performances, Poetry’s Sacramental Refusals, and the Theology of Willie James Jennings
  • Kate Oxsen - Royal Women in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
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