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Vitalograph Ltd.


Industry Problem Statement

Vitalograph is recognised as the world leader in spirometry for major respiratory health areas such as Asthma and COPD. Compliance with inhaled medication (inhalers) and adherence to a therapeutic regimen can be challenging for many patients and is particularly critical in clinical trials data collection. There is a need to monitor correct technique and dosing for accurate assessment of the patient's response.

Trinity Value Add

Prof. Richard Reilly of the Trinity Centre for BioEngineering developed the Inhaler Compliance Assessment (INCA) device specifically to address the need for inhaler monitoring in asthma and COPD. Prof. Reilly’s team are leaders in the field of eHEALTH with capabilities in computer software algorithm development, electronics, device design and connectivity. The INCA device provides integrated acoustic analysis for inhalers and can report the key parameters from the point-of-use back to the clinician.

Critical Trinity Enablers

Located within the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute , the Trinity Centre for BioEngineering  is capable of effective translational R&D with technical infrastructure and access to clinicians and hospitals.  Validation studies on the INCA device involved collaboration with RCSI (Consultant Prof. Richard Costello) at multiple sites throughout Ireland including the Trinity Wellcome Trust-HRB Clinical Research Facility at St. James's Hospital.

Engagement Type

The project was initially supported by Enterprise Ireland's Commercialisation Award funding and further development resourcing was provided through a mix of grant-aid and industrial partner contributions. The Health Research Board contributed significantly to the ongoing validation studies. Trinity bundled it's background IP with further IP from UCD and RCSI and transferred the package under licence to Vitalograph for commercial use giving the industry partner clear access and appropriate protection to invest and productise the technology.


Vitalograph, with operations in Ennis Co. Clare, plans to bring this product initially to the clinical trials market and then to rollout to the general prescription market. Trinity's INCA team provides a significant new product opportunity for Vitalograph plus ongoing collaborotative technical and clinical support in a sector led by strong growth in clinical trial systems and connected health equipment and services.

"The licensing process was smoothly facilitated by Trinity's Technology Transfer Office"

Frank Keane, General Manager, Vitalograph