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Sigmoid Pharma Ltd.


Industry Challenge

Sigmoid Pharma Limited is a specialty pharma company with a mission to create meaningful new therapies for unmet clinical needs in gastrointestinal and immunological diseases and disorders. A key Sigmoid goal is the development of oral vaccines. A significant advancement in oral delivery systems is required to facilitate the development of a new generation of non-living oral vaccines.  Sigmoid's proprietary Single-multiple Pill (SmPill®) enables the combining of antigenic and adjuvant materials within an emulsion to permit the development of oral vaccines.  The SmPill® - enabled vaccines have the potential to significantly enhance immunity against antigens from enteric pathogens. Through iterative product and technology development Sigmoid seeks to have a competitive position in the field, and to make the possibility of a new generation of oral vaccines a reality.

Trinity Value Add

The Lavelle research group, based in the Trinity Biomedical Research Institute (TBSI) has internationally recognised expertise in the design and evaluation of adjuvants and delivery systems for mucosal and injectable vaccines, with the infrastructure in place to efficiently execute this work.  In particular, the group have significant experience in the evaluation of innate and adaptive immune responses induced by mucosal adjuvants and in dissecting the underlying mechanisms of adjuvanticity.  Our expertise in evaluating adjuvants and antigens and the measurement of mucosal immune responses have been key to facilitating a successful collaboration.

Critical Trinity Enablers

  • Expertise in the design and evaluation of adjuvants and delivery systems for mucosal and injectable vaccines;
  • Expertise in in vitro and in vivo assays to determine activation of innate immunity;
  • TBSI has outstanding infrastructure to allow comprehensive evaluation of the induction of mucosal immunity by vaccines including excellent animal holding facilities, access to state of the art flow cytometry, confocal microscopy and imaging facilities.
  • A network of world class collaborators in the field of mucosal vaccines allowing access to candidate antigens, adjuvants and challenge models.

Engagement Type

Sigmoid collaborates with Trinity on an ongoing basis, through the Lavelle Research Group, availing of State funded schemes such as; the Irish Research Council's 'Enterprise Partnership Scheme' and the Enterprise Ireland 'Innovation Partnership Program'. Sigmoid also engages with Trinity in direct contract research services and as a FP7 partner (Helicovaxor, ADITEC).

"SmPill® is an innovative and broadly applicable technology. To date, through collaborating with the Lavelle group, the potential of SmPill® to enable oral vaccination has been proven. Extending the collaboration with the Lavelle group will allow Sigmoid to support its existing intellectual property portfolio, further characterise various vaccine formulations, complete pre-clinical development, and create new academic collaborative as well as commercialisation opportunities."

Ivan Coulter, CEO, Director and Founder, Sigmoid