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Keywords English

Keywords English

Industry Challenge

One of the greatest challenges facing teachers today is managing diverse learning needs, in multilingual contexts. In our classrooms today we have straight-A students, sitting next to those who cannot read or write simple texts, next to those who do not understand the language of instruction, next to those with special educational needs.  On top of this, both anecdotal evidence and scientific research indicates that academic language of school poses a real challenge for all young people engaged in learning, but particularly for those with language and literacy needs. To simplify this process, Keywords English, is providing topic-related apps to do exactly that: use key vocabulary in a subject context so the learner develops both competency and fluency in a subject area.  Keywords English™, is the first topic app to provide all learners with the tools to communicate fluently on science topics in both their first and second languages.

Trinity Value Add

Keywords English were able to access research outputs from the School of Linguistic, Speech and Communications Sciences led by Prof David Little.  A team of language and literacy specialists deployed the techniques of corpus linguistics to curriculum materials to identify key items of language that young people need to know for each subject across the curriculum.  The English language support materials the team developed were tested in 80 schools by 250 teachers and subsequently downloaded in over 110 countries.

Critical Trinity Enablers

Keywords English identified an opportunity to adapt this groundbreaking research for mobile devices and to merge the latest innovations in gaming technology with best pedagogical practice to produce an application suitable for the demands of today’s learning environment.

Engagement Type

Keywords English licensed copyright material developed in the Centre for Language and Communications Studies in Trinity, specifically focusing on analysis of terminology, keywords and language structures which are necessary to pursue effective study of different subjects.


With literacy levels within our education system at crisis point, mobile devices have tremendous capacity to offer a highly personalised learning experience that can both enhance and compliment formal classroom teaching.

"As students become increasingly able to penetrate and access mobile technology, so their control grows in relation to their own learning. Our apps aim to empower students to build new knowledge on that which is already clear, comprehensible and familiar to them and Trinity College is helping us to deliver"

Joanna Norton, Founder & CEO