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Industry Opportunity

Intel is one of Ireland's largest employers. It has been proactively developing the research and innovation footprint of its operation in Ireland over the last 25 years through the strong relationships it has built with academic institutions and the innovation community. Its partnership with Trinity has been multi-faceted and has contributed to many of the recent innovation successes for Intel Ireland.

Trinity Value Add

Trinity collaborates with Intel through nationally funded research centres such as AMBER, CTVR, CNGL and TRIL; public outreach initiatives such as the Science Gallery;  transfer of technology through license or acquisition (e.g. the Trinity spin-out Havok) and most importantly through the provision of high quality graduates to support the growth of Intel Ireland. The partnership is also represented through the engagement of senior management on Trinity Institute Boards and Centres. Intel's commitment to innovation has been recognised as recipient of the Trinity Innovation award in 2009 and the secondment of numerous Intel researchers to Trinity.

Specific Interactions

CRANN: Intel was the founding industry partner of the CRANN Institute, an SFI CSET 2004 – 2013. Intel remains the largest partner of the newly funded SFI centre AMBER. Trinity has aligned its investment in infrastructure and new faculty around research topics which are compatible with Intel's interests.

TRILL: Intel worked with Trinity researchers, and other partner institutions, around the development of novel sensing technologies to support increased independent living for the elderly and infirmed.

CTVR: Intel is partnering with the National Telecommunications Centre on assessing different applications for its new Quark chips which have been designed in Ireland. The collaboration is feeding into the emerging business opportunities surrounding the Internet of Things.

Engagement Type

Intel have utilised diverse funding mechanisms including participating in SFI Centres, EI and IDA funding Technology Centres, IRC studentships; directly funded initiatives, FP7 and direct sponsorship of educational and public outreach initiatives within Trinity.


The impacts of Intel’s partnership with Trinity are multi-faceted and include the seeding of new leading edge research areas within Ireland e.g. nanoscience; the transfer of key technology learnings for evaluation by Intel research with a view to aiding in the development of next generation processes of advanced semiconductors, the recruitment of  high quality graduates, the development of application areas for new products and the establishment of an innovation eco-system.

"The research in centres like CRANN, CTVR and CNGL directly map onto the challenges our business faces today and into the future, providing new ideas and breakthrough learnings which support our competitiveness. Importantly these centres also provide the high quality graduates we need to sustain and grow our business within Ireland."

Leonard Hobbs, Research Program Manager, Intel Ireland