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Science Gallery - Google

Industry Opportunity

Google celebrated 10 years in Ireland in 2013. With 2,500 employees Google has become a flagship for FDI in Ireland. The choice of Dublin as its EMEA headquarters for technical, sales and operation support to customers in over 50 countries is the largest outside the US. Google engineers in Ireland have managed the infrastructure for all its products across the region from 'Search', to Google's web browser Chrome, and social networking feature Google +. Google's new Data Centre ranks as one of the most energy efficient in the world.  In 2013 Google announced a new 'digital innovation centre' called The Foundry, which will bring up to 15,000 extra overseas business visitors to the city each year.

Trinity and Google

Trinity was the first university in Europe to adopt Gmail for its students

Google provide the College’s 17,000 students with Gmail, Google’s e-mail application. Trinity was the first university in Europe to introduce Gmail for its student e-mail needs, allowing the College’s students to retain their Trinity e-mail address for life.

Outreach gift

Science Gallery at Trinity received a prestigious gift of €1 million from in December 2011 to develop a Global Science Gallery Network (GSGN).  The gift is part of over $100 million in total charitable giving from Google in 2011.

Computer Science Initiative for the 21st Century Classroom

A three year, €1.5million partnership with Google aims to transform computer science teaching in Irish schools.  Over 1,000 teachers will have the opportunity to access a professional development course which aims to assist second level schools in Ireland to increase the number of students getting involved in and getting excited about computer science.

Collaboration / Licensing Agreement

Google has recently collaborated in a number of research projects with Trinity’s Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering in the area of analysis of speech quality. At the initial stage of this research cooperation Google licensed specific Trinity intellectual property useful in the measurement of speech intelligibility.


Google acquired Green Parrot Pictures in 2011, an Irish company set up by Trinity’s Prof Anil Kokaram that makes tools to manipulate digital video and images. The acquisition was driven by YouTube, which will use Green Parrot's tools to help users make their videos better.


With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Dropbox following suit in basing international operations in Dublin, Google's commitment to Ireland has provided an invaluable stepping stone for the country to become a global leader in the online advertising and new media sector.

"It is fantastic to be able to point to Science Gallery as a very vivid and engaging example of the innovative spirit that we often talk of as critical to Ireland's future."

David Martin, Director, Geo Operations, Google