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Alkermes Inc.


Industry Challenge

Alkermes Inc. is a leader in innovative medicines that address the unmet needs and challenges of people living with debilitating diseases of the central nervous system (CNS), such as schizophrenia, addiction and depression. To assist with moving medicines more rapidly from discovery to development, Alkermes Inc. is establishing new partnerships and leveraging established science as a key strategy.

Trinity Value Add

The O'Mara laboratory, based in the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience (TCIN) has extensive expertise in neurobiology and neuropsychology of learning & memory, and stress & depression. The O'Mara research group employs a combination of in vivo multi-electrode neurophysiology, behavioural analysis, molecular biology and pharmacological intervention to investigate the function of brain systems implicated in memory function and dysfunction and in psychiatric disease, particularly major depressive disorder.

Critical Trinity Enablers

Extensive technical expertise in the areas of learning and memory, mechanisms of brain repair, drug action in the CNS and synaptic plasticity

  • visualising in vivo neuronal activity
  • defining distribution of bioactive agents in CNS
  • imaging human brain during learning and memory
  • models of neurodegeneration
  • in vivo models of secondary depression; organic disorders of memory
  • invasive neuromodulation of the CNS, specifically in vivo recording and deep-brain stimulation
  • in vivo neurophysiology in freely-moving/anaesthetised rat (field potentials/action potential recordings of single neurons/neuronal ensembles)
  • neurobehavioural assays (automated water, radial, open field; object exploration, odour discrimination, etc.)
  • brain biomarker assays (BDNF; prostaglandins), radioimmunoassays, neurohistology

Engagement Type

The Alkermes Inc. - Trinity research services engagement is a direct industry funded project. Advantageously, this arrangement allows the company to benefit from academic expertise for the purposes of their specific research focus, without any IP ownership restrictions. The research program is driven by the industry party with significant technical and scientific input from the academic.


"Leveraging existing state-of-the-art neurological techniques and scientific expertise advantageously strengthens our drug development profile and allows for rapid critical go/no-go decisions to be made"

Dr. Dan Deaver, Vice President of Non-clinical R&D, Alkermes, Inc.