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The Trinity Centre for the Environment (TCE) has recently moved to the former Anatomy Buidling which has been refurbished to provide a range of new offices and laboratories. It is situated next to the Zoology Building.

Accommodation includes academic, postdoctoral and postgraduate offices, office space for visitors and TCE members and laboratories.

Originally established in 1979 as the Environmental Sciences Unit, the Trinity Centre for the Environment (TCE) continues to encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary research and teaching in all aspects of the environment.

The TCE, acts as a hub for academics, postdocs and postgraduates who work in the area of environmental science, or who wish to visit College in order to carry out research in a related area. The TCE comprises a wide collection of academic and research staff, as well as visiting and affiliate members. It also has an extensive laboratories as well as space for visiting researchers.

The TCE is primarily a research centre although it also has a strong link to the teaching and promotion of environmental science.

As a research centre, the TCE also acts as a hub for visiting researchers and academics who want to work in the areas of environmental science, environmental technology and environmental engineering. Our aim is to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary research and teaching in these areas.

Facilities include a wide range of analytical laboratory equipped to process a wide variety of ecological and environmental materials, a specialist wastewater laboratory.

We also have a close liaison with The Trinity Botanical Gardens at Dartry and other centres and disciplines in College.

The Centre also owns air and water samplers, and a range of field monitoring equipment.

The TCE also offers office space and facilities for visiting researchers and academics.

All researchers in the Centre have access to the College libraries and to the technical resources of other science disciplines.