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About the Senior Academic Promotions Review

It is envisaged that the review will proceed through several stages as outlined below:

Stage 1: Will focus on understanding evaluation and establishing clear and transparent criteria that may be objectively measured. This stage will provide the foundation for all further stages and hence it is important that we get a deep understanding of what kind of evaluation is desired by the community and what is possible to deliver.

Stage 2A: Will focus on creating a framework for promotion – setting clear criteria across different categories, understanding whether there should be uniform criteria or if they might be faculty/discipline specific, deciding whether people have to perform across each of the three areas or if they can decide themselves to add weighting to a single area etc.

Stage 2B: Will need to happen in parallel with 2A – it will seek to understand financial implications and how we might manage these going forward.

Stage 3: Will examine the actual process – timelines, form composition, committee structure, Chairs of committees, process and feedback etc.

Stage 1 of the process is currently underway. Each School was invited to nominate four academics (one Assistant Professor, one Associate Professor, one Professor In and one Professor Of or as close to that mix as possible), to engage in the review. Nominations were also sought from IFUT.

The next step will be to arrange three sessions around the single themes of

  1. Evaluating teaching in Trinity
  2. Evaluating research in Trinity and
  3. Evaluating administrative contributions in Trinity.

The sessions will be convened by the External Reviewer, Prof. Bert Overlaet.