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Legal AdviceProcess for Acquiring Legal Advice

  • All cases involving matters of policy or the reputation of the College must be referred to the College Secretary.
  • No legal proceedings may be initiated on behalf of the College without the express permission of the College Secretary.
  • All initial correspondence threatening legal action against the College should be immediately referred to the College Secretary.
  • At the conclusion of the case Part two of the Instruction Sheet must be completed and returned to the College Secretary in a timely manner.
  • Legal fees will be invoiced monthly by law firms to the Secretary's Office.
  • All invoices must identify all work undertaken in the previous month.
  • All invoices will be sent firstly to the Secretary's office for noting before being forwarded to the instructing area to confirm the work has been completed and upon receiving confirmation the Secretary's Office will discharge the invoice. Unless previously agreed the Secretary's Office will be reimbursed by the relevant area.