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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Administrative Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Ms Sophia Ní Sheoin Trinity Oscar Wilde Centre Senior Executive Officer 896 2885
Dr Julia Maher School Global Officer for International Students 8964723

Creative Writing Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Professor Deirdre Madden Director of M.Phil in Creative Writing 896 3039 (OWC) or 896 4397
Professor Harry Clifton Adjunct Professor 896 2897 (OWC)
Professor Carlo Gébler Adjunct Professor 896 3039 (OWC)
Professor Kevin Power

Assistant Professor

896 2944 (OWC)
TBC Irish Writer Fellow 896944 (OWC)  

Irish Writing Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Professor Eve Patten Director of M.Phil. in Irish Writing, and Director of the Trinity Oscar Wilde Centre 896 1299
Professor Julie Bates Assistant Professor 896 1179
Professor Terence Brown Adjunct Professor 8961400 (OWC)
Professor Brian Cliff Assistant Professor 896 1179 
Professor Paul Delaney Associate Professor 896 3841
Professor Aileen Douglas Head of School 896 2322
Professor Nicholas Grene Adjunct Professor
Professor Jarlath Killeen Associate Professor 896 2337
Professor Rosie Lavan Assistant Professor of Irish Studies 896 1185
Dr Conor Linnie
Professor Andrew Murphy Visiting Professor 896 3984
Professor Amy Prendergast Teaching Fellow 896 3997
Professor Sam Slote Assistant Professor; Fire Officer 896 1319
Professor Tom Walker Assistant Professor 896 4353