Current Lab Members

Prof. Seamus Martin, Lab director
Dr. Conor Henry, Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. Danielle Clancy, Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr. Pavel Davidovich, Post-doctoral Fellow
Graeme Sullivan, PhD student
Hazel O'Connor, PhD student
Christina Killian, PhD student
Federica Giangrazi, PhD student
Andrew Watkin, Research Assistant

Interested in working in our group?

We are always interested in recruiting talented and motivated people to the lab.
Please contact Seamus ( for further details.

Lab Alumni

I am very proud of the many excellent scientists that have trained in my lab, many of whom have gone on to start their own laboratories in the USA, UK, Portugal, Austria, Australia and Ireland. To date, 17 PhD and 2 MSc students have completed their theses in our laboratory, with several more PhDs in progress.

Dr. Conor Henry (PhD graduate) now post-doc in the Martin Laboratory, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Sean Cullen (PhD graduate & post-doctoral fellow), now post-doc in Matthew Albert's group at Genentech, San Francisco, USA.

Dr. Emilie Hollville (post-doctoral fellow) now post-doc in Mohanish Deshmukh's lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.

Dr. Conor Kearney (PhD graduate) now post-doc at Peter McCallum Institute, Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Richard Carroll (PhD graduate) now post-doc in Luke O'Neill's Lab, Immunology department, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Inna Afonina (PhD graduate & post-doctoral fellow), now post-doc at Beyaert laboratory, VIB, Ghent, Belgium.

Dr. John Walsh (PhD graduate), now post-doc in Prof. Christopher Power's lab at the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Dr. Mohamed Elgendy (PhD graduate) now post-doc at Department of Experimental Oncology, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy.

Dr. Clare Sheridan (PhD graduate & post-doctoral fellow), now staff scientist at Julian Downward's laboratory, CRUK, London, UK.

Dr. Alexander Luthi (PhD graduate) now staff scientist at University Hospital, Bern, Switzerland.

Dr. Rebecca Taylor (PhD graduate) now group leader at the LMB, Cambridge, UK.

Rosi Soellner (MSc graduate)

Dr. Gabriela Brumatti (Post-doctoral Fellow) now senior post-doc in David Vaux's Lab at WEHI, Melbourne, Australia.

Dr. Michelle Hill (Post-doctoral Fellow) now an associate professor and group leader at University of Queensland, Australia.

Dr. Patrick Duriez (Post-doctoral Fellow) now Protein Core Facility manager, University of Southhampton, UK.

Dr. Christopher Gerner (Post-doctoral Fellow) now Associate Professor at Mass Spectrometry Centre, University of Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Helen Conroy (PhD graduate) now at Irish Cancer Society, Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Brona Murphy (PhD graduate) now Lecturer and group leader at Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI), Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Liz Slee (Post-doctoral Fellow) now lab manager at Ludwig Institute, Oxford, UK.

Dr. Lisa Bouchier-Hayes (PhD graduate) now an assistant professor and group leader at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA.

Sinead Keogh (MSc graduate) now librarian at University of Limerick, Ireland.

Dr. Colin Adrian (PhD graduate & post-doctoral fellow), now group leader at The Gulbenkian Institute, Lisbon, Portugal.