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Conservation Ecology

Lead by Dr Stephen Waldren, research generally covers the broad areas of plant conservation biology. Research in Ireland has focused on the ecology, biogeography and conservation of threatened native plants, defining important plant areas in Ireland, and the ecology and conservation of turloughs (temporary lakes in karst limestone). Interest in island floras and their conservation, especially focusing on the Pitcairn group in the South-Central Pacific: Particular interests in the evolution and diversity of Pacific Peperomia species. Some recent work has centred on sustainable utilization of natural grazing lands in mountain regions (e.g. Nepal). higher plant systematics, especially plant taxonomy, biogeography and floristics. In a context of rapidly increasing biodiversity loss across the globe, the study of the variation among plants and the ability to accurately and reliably identify plant species is of particular importance. By providing a better understanding of plant diversity, we inform conservation efforts and provide a baseline for research in the realms of ecology, biogeography, adaptation to climate change and agriculture, to name but a few. Our work using molecular and morphological datasets is concentrated in mainland SE Asia, especially Thailand.

We welcome enquiries on research projects in the general areas of plant conservation biology mentioned above from prospective PhD students and post-doctoral fellows.

  • Pinguicula grandiflora
  • Typha latifolia

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