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Dr Wuu Kuang Soh


Wuu Kuang Soh is a plant scientist with multidisciplinary research experiences in plant ecology, ecophysiology, evolution, palaeobotany, systematics and climate change. His primary research interest is directed towards understanding the interaction between plants and climate change through time and space. In the pursuit of Wuu Kuang’s research he takes an integrative and comparative approach employing a diverse array of techniques, tools and insight from multiple disciplines. Wuu Kuang interested in understanding trend in plant responses to climate change at the macro-level, particularly to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature, in the short-term (decadal) and long-term (geological) time scale. Building on Wuu Kuang’s main research interest, He is also interested in developing method for quantifying plant palaeo-functional trait. His research is funded by SFI project as part of a larger research project to improve model predictions of future ecosystem function to global climate change and to improve prediction of flooding risk for the year 2050 and beyond.