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Sukontip Sirimongkol


I work for the Forest herbarium (BKF), Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant conservation. This program is support by the Royal Thai Government Scholarship.

PhD project: Taxonomic revision of Henckelia Spreng (Gesneriaceae) in Thailand, Indo-China including Myanmar

My research focuses on the taxonomic revision of Henckelia Spreng (Gesneriaceae) in Thailand and more broadly Indo-China, including Myanmar. The Gesneriaceae family consists of herbs, epiphytes, shrubs, liana (e.g. Asteranthera), and rarely trees (e.g. Sanango, Solenophora) with approximately 146 genera and ca. 3,400 species. The family is distributed in the tropics and subtropics of the Old and New World.

Thai Gesneriaceae consist of 30 genera and 240 species, including 5 species of Henckelia. Henckelia has an estimated 58 species in Sri Lanka, India through Himalayas to Northern Indochina and Southern China. In my research area, about 23 Henckelia species can be found.

The morphological characters are poorly known. Molecular data has clarified the relationship with other genera, but the characters are still ambiguous. Field surveys, in addition to the study of herbarium specimens, have lead me to new systematic information. More techniques can be used in this research to help clarify these results, and hopefully support the study of the Flora of Thailand and neighbouring areas.

Selected publications

  • Parnell, J.A.N., Strijk, J.S., Maknoi, C., Trong, L.H., Pooma, R., Sirmongkol, S., Rueangruea, S., Tichai, W. & Ritphit, N. 2014. An expansion of the ranges of Christisonia siamensis Craib and Christisonia schortechinii Prain, the latter species new to Thailand, together with a revised key to Thai Orobanchaceae. Thai Forest Bulletin 42: 16-23.
  • Strijk, J.S., Rueangruea, S., Sirimongkol, S. and Suddee, S. 2014. Lithocarpus corneus (Lour.) Rehder (Fagaceae), a new record for the Flora of Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin 42:1-5.
  • Strijk, J.S.; Sirimongkol, S.; Rueangruea, S.; Ritphet, N. and V. Chamchumroon. 2014. Lithocarpus orbicarpus (Fagaceae), a new species of Stone Oak from Phang Nga province, Thailand. Phytokeys 34: 33-46.
  • Sirimongkol, S. 2006. Taxonomic study on grasses (Family Gramineae) in Western Thong Pha Phum, Thong Pha Phum District, Kanchaburi Province. M.Sc. Thesis. Kasetsart University (Thai Press).
  • Pooma, R.; Suddee, S.; Chamchumroon, V.; Koonkhunthod, N.; Phattarahirankanok, K; Sirimongkol, S. and M. Poopath. 2005. A preliminary check-list of Threatened Plants in Thailand. Forest Herbarium, National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, Bangkok, Thailand.