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Achieving Sustainable Development Course 


TIDI Free Open Online Course ‘Achieving Sustainable Development’

TIDI is launching a Free Open Online Course in September 2017 on ‘Achieving Sustainable Development.’ Launching on 11 September 2017, and running for 4 weeks, registration is open now. What is this course about? This course critically considers key Sustainable Development Goals including peace, healthcare, sustainable cities, and water and sanitation. It will examine the ways in which development really can be sustainable, its impact on communities, and how it can make a difference to real lives. Who is this course for? This course is aimed at anyone interested in the future of our world, and how we can improve it. It might be of specific interest to students all over the world who are planning to live and work in developing countries, and to development stakeholders including people in NGOs, governments and communities. More information and registration details for this course are at this link.  
Date: 11 September 2017
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: Free