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Get in touch

Going abroad on exchange is an absolute once-in- a-lifetime opportunity and can have a life-long impact on your career when you leave Trinity. If you’ve any questions about studying abroad, there are lots of people you can talk to for more information about how you can build an international experience into your Trinity degree, how to make the most of your time abroad, and how best to articulate what you’ve learned from your experience overseas.

Applying for Exchange

The application process for exchanges varies depending on where you want to study. The best place to start is to attend one of the exchange information sessions, which take place in October every year. You should do this whether you want to go on a one-semester (n.b. for EITHER semester abroad!) or a full-year programme. Talk to your departmental coordinator, to the Erasmus coordinator in the Academic Registry, or to the Student Mobility Officer in the Study Abroad team. There are regular drop-in clinics available to talk through the application process in the Hilary term every year. Follow the Academic Registry and Global Relations for updates, and check your college email regularly!

Being on exchange

Make the most of your time away! Go to classes (of course!), experience different teaching styles and learning approaches, and make sure you see a bit around you as well – explore the campus you’re based at and try to see beyond its walls as well! Remember that there are all sorts of interesting things to see and do no matter where you’re based, and that you may never find yourself in your exchange destination country again, so make the most of it!

Struggling with being away?

Remember that you’re never more than a phone call away from friends and family at home, who will be delighted to hear from you – but don’t forget the time zone difference! A phone call at lunchtime home time is very different from a phone call at 2am! Don’t forget that you’re still a registered student with Trinity while you’re away, so you’ll still be able to access your Personal Tutor or your home department, and there are often similar services available to outbound students when they’re on exchange. Ask the equivalent of the Study Abroad team at your host university for advice on how to access any support services you need!

Prepare for your return to Trinity

Don’t forget that your grades in your year away count towards your degree, so take your classes seriously and make the most of the opportunity to prepare yourself for final year!