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Infowork Policy Conference

What makes Europe European? In terms of the quality of ordinary people's lives, one defining feature of European countries is that – in different ways – they are welfare states. Compared to Americans, Europeans have social rights. Perhaps less obviously, Europeans also have rights at work and in the labour market.

Today however this 'European Social Model' is blamed for slow economic growth and inflexibility in the labour market. Does this mean that new forms of work are incompatible with social cohesion and social inclusion? In its research programmes the EU has been funding projects on the changing nature of work and employment in Europe.

This conference will present the results of these projects, and bring together academics, practitioners, social partners and policy makers to look at the implications for Europe.

Date: 31 March 2004
Location: Renaissance Hotel Brussels, Rue de Parnasse 19, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

Further information is available by clicking on the following links:
Conference papers:

Infowork was an 18 month project 'Accompanying Measure' funded by the European Commission and ran from 2001 until 2003. Please click here for more information about the Infowork project specifically.


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