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Aesthetic Cities Symposia

Several European cities in the last decade have been rebranded into centres of cultural consumption. This rebranding process involves developing areas of the service sector (retail, entertainment, restaurants) as the basis of the city's prosperity. The emblematic case is Barcelona, followed by Glasgow. To some extent Dublin and Berlin are examples. For Barcelona and Glasgow this process is explicitly city based. In Berlin it is driven by national policies, while in Dublin the process is national and local rather than clearly city driven.

What is clear in all of the cities is the emergence of new labour markets. These markets stress aesthetic labour or the right (and the wrong) style for the new jobs; rely on part-time jobs for school and university students; and attract young European life-style migrants. We are interested in exploring the relationship between these new cities of consumption and these new forms of labour markets. The purpose of the symposium is to bring together a small invited group of researchers and policy-makers interested in exploring these issues. The symposium will be held on November 17th 2000 in the 1 College Green Conference Suite.

Participation is by invitation only.


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