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Mark McGauran

Mark is a Qualified Nutritional Therapist with the Institute of Health Sciences.  He works in Trinity Sport with students and athletes.  He offers nutrition advice as part of a fitness assessment ONLY IF he feels a person needs it. 

Mark has a special interest in educating people about stress and how it can impact on health i.e. metabolic syndrome. He advises people on how best to manage their stress through nutrition, exercise and relaxation.  Mark believes in looking at the "Big Picture" when assessing someone. His nutrition advice is simple and focuses on balance and takes a whole person approach.  As such, he looks at sleep, stress, work-life balance and digestion.

Lyda, Primal Rabbit

Lyda, of The Primal Rabbit Blog<> and Instagram Account<> doesn't believe in fad diets, quick fixes or supplementing. Short term programmes aren't her thing. Instead, she passionately believes in bringing food back to basics and understanding how to get the maximum nutrition from every tasty mouthful of real food. Her approach is based around Paleo/Primal/Weston A Price. She says her way of eating isn't a 'diet', it's an exploration of history, nutrition, the human diet and most importantly, health.




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