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Dr. Luca Coscieme

Dr. Luca Coscieme

School of Natural Sciences (Zoology Building)
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2





Research interests

My research is focused on the application of holistic environmental indicators (in particular, Emergy and Eco-Exergy) to the valuvation of Ecosystem Services, investigating the relations between natural ecosystems and human activities; resilience and evolution in socio-ecological systems. I also work with night-time satellite imageries and remote sensing in order to study the dynamics of resource availability and consumption on a territorial basis. I believe that a holistic an transdisciplinary approach to Ecology and Economics may provide an easily-readable picture of complex systems, in order to better direct further disciplinary approaches and inform management and policy.

Selected publications

L. Coscieme, F.M. Pulselli, N. Marchettini, P.C. Sutton, S. Anderson, S. Sweeney (2014) Emergy and Ecosystem Services: A National Biogeographical Assessment. Ecosystem Services 7: 152-159

L. Coscieme, F.M. Pulselli, S. Bastianoni, C. Elvidge, S. Anderson, P.C. Sutton (2013) A Thermodynamic Geography: Night-time Satellite Imagery as a Proxy Measure of Emergy. Ambio

A. Di Sabatino, L. Coscieme, P. Vignini, B. Cicolani (2013) Scale and Ecological Dependence of Ecosystem Services Evaluation: Spatial Extension and Economic Value of Freshwater Ecosystems in Italy (2013). Ecological Indicators 32: 259-263

L. Coscieme, F.M. Pulselli, S.E. Jørgensen, S. Bastianoni, N. Marchettini (2013) Thermodynamics-Based Categorization of Ecosystems in a Socio-Ecological Context. Ecological Modelling 258: 1-8

F.M. Pulselli, L. Coscieme, S. Bastianoni (2011) Ecosystem Services as a Counterpart of Emergy Flows to Ecosystems. Ecological Modelling 222: 2924-2928

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